Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Words, words

There is far too much weight given these days to using exactly the "right" form of words.  I suppose it is a hopeless case but I think we should instead just look at the basic meaning and think about that

Let me give an example of the difference that the "right" word can make these days.  I once said: "All Jews should get back to Israel.  They don't belong here".  Did I get condemned for that? Was I immediately fingered as an antisemite? Not at all.  How come?  Because I didn't actually say that.  I said it in Hebrew instead. What I said was: "I think all Jews should make Aliyah".  Both of those forms of words mean the same thing but one was phrased in a way that bore on a great Jewish controversy.

"Aliyah" literally mean "rising up"  -- rising up to Eretz Israel.  And many Jews acknowledge that as a holy duty and feel guilty and apologetic that they have chosen to live in the fleshpots of NYC instead.  So what I said was actually holy from a Jewish viewpoint. And some of my Jewish readers wrote to agree with me.

But isn't that crazy?  Why do we pay so much attention to superficialities? I may be wrong but I do genuinely believe that Israel, despite the attacks on it, is ultimately the safest place for Jewry -- but I was fortunate that I could put that thought in the "right" way.  If I had not been so able, I might have attracted much opprobrium for saying exactly the same thing.

So I hope that conservatives at least will sometimes look at and think about the underlying intention of an utterance and overlook or forgive less felicitous forms of expression.

FOOTNOTE:  My reason for thinking that all Jews should make Aliyah

The Ayatollahs have made clear that America is the great Satan.  Israel is only the little Satan.  And the 9/11 attacks were on NYC, not Israel.  So, if the Obama-enabled Ayatollahs are suicidal enough to unleash a nuclear strike, it will most likely be on NYC, not Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is, after all, holy to them too


ScienceABC123 said...

Say what you mean. Mean what you say.

Bird of Paradise said...

Dear liberal fools please grow up and wuit your silly whining

Anonymous said...

WTF is a wuit?

Anonymous said...

Too many words are judged by their superficiality rather than their intent. Many are interpreted intentionally to create animosity towards the speaker, especially when politics, race or emotion is involved. Wars have been started for less reason.

Anonymous said...

1:36 You have to realize that the "birds" who comment here all the time (but probably all the same bird) suffer from dyslexia or it's difficult to type with a beak, so you just have to guess what they mean, and in this case "wuit" probably means "quit".

Birdzilla said...

Too many ultra senstive whining little liberal wanks who still have train wheels on their honda civics