Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Strange advertisement in Australia

 "A Queensland burger chain has sparked an online debate over their latest advertisement campaign that depicts a woman giving birth to a burger alongside the slogan, 'we deliver'. 

Burger Urge, which has 15 stores in Queensland, published the advertisement both online and in a print campaign.  The ad - which says 'We deliver burgers to your door' - has opinions divided, with some people labelling it as 'sexist' and 'exploitative to women', while others simply saw it as 'clever advertising'. 

Burger Urge shared the advertisement to their Facebook page on March 30 where it was met with a barrage of comments.  Many people appeared to take offence to the ad, labelling it as 'sexist' and going as far as to call a 'boycott' on the store.  'You can be funny without exploiting women, get a better ad agency,' one person wrote. 

However, the ad was also met with a large amount of support.  'Can somebody actually tell me why this is offensive. Very funny play on the word "Deliver" as far as I am concerned. Well done lads,' one person wrote"



Anonymous said...

This is seriously looking to be offended. But online commentary (including this missive) are worth exactly nada unless they make sense so it would appear the sexist/oppressive complaints are worthless.


Bird of Paradise said...

I see some cracked urns with sawdust for brains is pushing for veganism to prevent Global Warming which proves enviromentalisms a new age mental disorder cuased by a strict vegan diet and watching movies like BABE and GORDY while snorting white powder up their noses

Anonymous said...

A good place to avoid.