Thursday, April 28, 2016

Is "Becky" a bad word?

Is good hair blonde hair?

Iggy Azalea wants nothing to do with the drama surrounding the 'Becky' line from Beyonce's newly released album Lemonade.

In a series of tweets on Monday, the 25-year-old criticised the word for being a negative stereotype of white women.

In Beyonce's track Sorry, she sings about a cheating lover - prompting many people to assume she was talking about Jay Z having an affair - and tells him to 'call Becky with the good hair'.

'Becky' is a phrase that has been known to refer to a generic white woman with straight hair, and Iggy implied that the term is racially insensitive.

'Don't ever call me a Becky,' she tweeted to a fan, before stating that she was criticising the phrase and not Beyonce.

She then tweeted to another user: 'girl BYE. do you know how many time ppl have called me BECKY? it didnt have any kind of positive intention behind it. dont start.

'Generalizing ANY race by calling them one sterotypical [sic] name for said race. i personally dont think is very cool, the end.'


I guess nappy hair is more bother if you want to do anything with it


Anonymous said...

People do not want to be called by offensive names as has been done for a long time for many minorities.

Bird of Paradise said...

Becky Thatcher was in all those Huck Finn,Tom Sawyer novels and if Iggy Wiggy is so upset then he needs to go soak his head and the rest of us can boycott beoynce

Anonymous said...

Some people need to get a life with more "meaning" to it!

Birdzilla said...

Some idiots are offended by everything american just imagine some sissietard neighbor who listens all day to recorded whale songs demanding you remove your flag from your yard becuase it offend his little eyes and makes his little beet juice stained fingers wrinkle

Anonymous said...

As an aside, how can it be that the term Native American is a PC approved replacement for the, oh so, offensive term Indian? Is being named after the Italian, Amerigo Vespucci, rather than the country, India, to be preferred? Is that not offensive to the people of color of India? The PC types have their work cut out for them. Just sayin'.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Becky is just the abrviated form of Rebbeca

Anonymous said...

Hey JJR - did you see the story about the lesbian couple suing the sperm bank because they got a black baby?
They were worried about their child being exposed to intolerance.
The irony was just magnificent.

King Condor said...

Anon 8:16 the Irony and Hypocracy liberals are so hypotcrtical they dont even know it

Anonymous said...

Beyoncé is just mad because black men prefer white women.