Sunday, April 17, 2016

Must not suggest that migrants are often poorly dressed

The "fashions"

American Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has put her elegant foot in her mouth by referring to Kanye West’s fashion show as ‘migrant chic’.

The insensitive comment — referring to the shabbiness of the clothes — has provoked a huge backlash in the U.S., with the public calling on her to apologise and New York high society agog at the prospect of the ice queen eating humble pie.

The 66-year-old made her controversial statement this week as she recalled musician West’s Yeezy Season 3 catwalk show at Madison Square Garden in New York in February.

‘I got there very early, as I tend to do,’ she said, in comments she doubtless wants to run away from.

‘They put me in this huge VIP section and I was the only person sitting there for about half-an-hour. Eventually, they did turn up and the Life Of Pablo concert started and the migrant chic fashion show started and they were both wonderful.’

Cue outrage on social media. ‘Anna Wintour, you are indelibly callous,’ commented Kate Melson on Twitter. ‘Condoning Kanye’s collection and describing it as “migrant chic”. Wholly inappropriate.’ TV producer Mojica Fitz Kennedy remarked: ‘Clueless ladylike misanthrope’, while another said: ‘The fashion industry is such a vapid and disgusting place.’



Bird of Paradise said...

Looks like to me their lucky to be wearing clothes in such fine condition and liberals just cant stop their rediculous whining

Anonymous said...

They look like homeless plucked off the street. It is time that society ignored Kanye West and his tribe as irrelevant in today's society. Stop pandering to a has been.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Anna have used: "Illegal Immigrant chic"?

Anonymous said...

Criminal Invader Chic. It's all so hip, fashionable and ever so progressive, until you're raped and murdered that is.

Birdzilla said...

Liberal demacrat's call them future Demacratic Voters