Friday, April 01, 2016

Attention-seeker is slammed for dressing up as a topless Native American chief

On Wednesday, the estranged wife of businessman Geoffrey Edelsten appeared to upset social media fans when she posed as a topless Native American chief dripping in oil.

Sun-drenched images of the 26-year-old posing in traditional feathered headgear and flipping the bird solicited angry comments from one particular Instagram follower who called her 'racist' and 'insensitive.'

The fan fired off: 'You shouldn't be wearing Native American cultural dress if you're not from that background. It's cultural appropriation; racist and insensitive.'

Another defended her writing: 'She's just having fun OK, I'm pretty sure actual chiefs of tribes are men and wear big coats, plus people wear these things at summer festival events all the time.'

But the angered fan remained firm replying: ...'I will never get over the colonization of an entire race that are continually exploited by white people.

'Besides, I'm not attacking her - she could have Native blood, I don't know her background. Just stating facts.'

The Miami-born aspiring actress posed with her hands against her breasts and with oil dripping from her chest down to her navel.

She shrugged off her antics: 'it was just a bit of harmless fun.'



Bird of Paradise said...

Blaah,blaah,blaah thats what were hearing from them Blaah,blaah,blaah

Anonymous said...

Some people are just simply stupid.

Anonymous said...

So are Indians or Native Americans or whatever they want to be called today, slammed as culturally insensitive for wearing suits, slacks and ties? Didn't think so.

stinky said...

If she'd gotten silicon-filled instead of air-filled she wouldn't have to worry about those things blowing away.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon 2:40 - cultural appropriation only works one way.
That is, from the minority culture to the dominant culture.
If you have positioned yourself as some type of oppressed minority you can complain about anything - even someone having dreadlocks.
OTOH if you are part of the dominant culture, everything you do is wrong and offensive.

Anonymous said...

I am purchasing an native american head dress to wear casually as I do things, hope it doesn't offend anybody LOLOLL

Anonymous said...

The left is out to destroy cultural harmony on a divide and conquer basis in order to bring down mainstream society. If minorities can adopt the way of the majority the world would be a peaceful place and the left couldn't tolerate that. If they were really genuine they would be protesting what the Spanish, the Portuguese and the French have done in South & Central America and Africa. It is by far worse that anything the British have done.