Sunday, April 24, 2016

UK: Independence supporting taxi driver is quizzed by police after he covered his house with a giant banner containing a SWASTIKA calling for British exit from the EU

It is quite common for British conservatives to compare the EU with a Communist or Nazi government.  The EU certainly pours out an unending stream of new regulations.  By some estimations, two thirds of the law current in Britain emanates from the EU

A UKIP supporter was quizzed by police today after he hung a giant banner containing a swastika on the front of his house.

Taxi driver Timothy 'Dusty' Miller covered the top floor of his three-bedroom detached home with the banner in a bid to attract Brexit voters over this summer's EU referendum.

The banner contains a written slogan exclaiming: 'Have we British forgotten the last attempt to remove our freedom and democracy?'

Separated by the huge swastika, a second line then reads: 'We did not fight two world wars to surrender and be ruled by a corrupt EU!'

Mr Miller, 66, said he was contacted by police officers this morning after putting up the 22ft by 8ft banner last night, who told him the Jewish community were 'incensed'.

Explaining his decision to tie it to his house, he said: 'There is nothing wrong with the sign, it's perfectly legal. 'The sign is shown in a historical context referring to nothing other than freedom of democracy.

'I can very well understand their views if I was, in any way, promoting the far right but it's not that at all. 'People want to read that I'm anti-semitic but that is not the truth. I'm referencing what will happen if our freedom of democracy was threatened.

'The Nazis and Hitler came for our freedom and democracy and we repelled them.

'Now the EU have come for our freedom and democracy, they have stolen our freedom and democracy and they have used techniques and mechanisms to do so.



Bird of Paradise said...

I wonder how they would react to someone with a hammer & Psycle logo after all the commies murdered more innocents then did the nazis

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts the ego's of the socialists.

Anonymous said...

The UK has become everything it promised not to be in the wake of terrorism. The authorities spend more time emulating George Orwell than they do apprehending criminals. The thought police have the greatest powers now. The biggest thought criminals are those that refuse to accept the new world order imposed by the EU and 10 Downing Street. The UK government is impotent in the protection of free speech.

Birdzilla said...

Mao was worst then hitler when it came to mass murder and stalin was right up there as well