Friday, April 22, 2016

In Apparent Hoax, Man Accuses Whole Foods of Discrimination

Yet another hate speech hoax.  Where there is no hate, the Queer/Left have to invent it

In the ongoing showdown between cake bakers and the Rainbow Mafia, a homosexual pastor in Austin, Texas, accused Whole Foods of decorating a cake with a slur degrading the “LGBT community.” Jordan Brown asked for the store’s cake decorator to write “Love Wins,” the prevailing slogan of the same-sex marriage crowd, across the top of the cake. According to a video Brown created, the decorator decided to add the word “Fag” to the confectionery. Brown claimed he didn’t see the offending message when he bought the cake, only discovering it when he arrived at his car.

Instead of taking the cake back, however, Brown brought it home. After receiving an unsatisfactory reply from the store, the man decided to sue the store for discrimination. As The Washington Post notes, Brown belongs to the Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, an organization whose mission is “keeping gay money within the gay-supportive community.”

Quickly, people started calling Brown’s accusation a hoax. The color of the frosting and handwriting between the phrases “Love Wins” and “Fag” were different, for one. Then Whole Foods responded. “After a deeper investigation of Mr. Brown’s claim, we believe his accusations are fraudulent and we intend to take legal action against both Mr. Brown and his attorney,” the company said in a statement. It even released surveillance video of Brown’s purchase, and noted that the person who decorated Brown’s cake “is a part of the LGBTQ community.”

If Brown pranked himself, it only highlights attention-seeking narcissism, which is pervasive in the community of people with the gender disorientation pathology.



Bird of Paradise said...

Just another hoax pulled off by someone looking for attention

Anonymous said...

Homosexuals are somewhat desperate to have approval of their perverse and repugnant sexual activities.

Anonymous said...

Ten percent of the community(and that's being generous) seek to dominate the other 90 percent of the community. And they claim discrimination! I know discrimination when I see it and this ain't it.

Anonymous said...

Some stupid shit said, "Just another hoax pulled off by someone looking for attention."

Just another comment by a birdbrain who wants attention.

Anonymous said...

Whole Foods has found out that being supportive of progressive causes does not keep them from being attacked by progressives just a many Hollywood personalities have found. It is all about getting the message out that EVERYONE is racist/exist/bigoted/etc. They know that even if they are caught the story will not get the coverage of the original and they are unlikely to get sued because that would cause more grief for the innocent victims.

ANON 3:36 AM - Look at the photo in the post and it is pretty obvious that the FAG was not done by the same hand nor is the same color but it is possible that there was a deliberate ruse to make it that way by the decorator. Not sure the intent of the ruse unless whole foods needed marginal publicity.


Anonymous said...

Of course - this just brings out those already anti-gay people putting forward selected arguments/evidence that it was a false-flag either by the preacher after purchase, or by someone on the inside, or by a conspiracy between the two - OR already pro-gay people suggesting someone with access to the cake before collection had done it unknown to the purchaser. As usual, people just take sides according to pre-judice!

Anonymous said...


As usual, people just take sides according to pre-judice!

Congratulations. You win the prize for most ridiculous comment of the day.

It seems that you believe that people can only make up their minds based on their prejudices and not by looking at the evidence, statements and known facts.

That's sad.

It is truly amazing that you believe that all people are as shallow and illogical as you appear to be.

Anonymous said...

Wow 10:55, you just idiotically proved 3:54's case!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:55 - Yes, they are that shallow and they expect the rest of the world to be even MORE shallow. It is their so highly limited perception of the world that defines and moves them.

Anonymous said...

7:04 - you also prove 3:54's case! Maybe you are the same person or from the same back-wood!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:17 - you must also be Anon 3:41 because neither of those messages proved a thing other than the fact that you applied YOUR prejudiced idea that we were anti gay.

This guy appears to be an attention seeker doing what comes naturally and it looks like he is going to pay a price for that.

It will all come out in the court now, since the suit and counter are both in place we are hearing nothing more about this since both parties will have been told by their lawyers to shut up.

Of course the resolution of the cases may not be considered newsworthy but it will be interesting to find out how this works out when everyone gets to produce all their evidence.

Anonymous said...

And the resolution is now known, it was indeed a fake. He has dropped the lawsuit and apologized. As stated the guy was an attention seeker, it also turns out he was in financial trouble which means he probably thought he could extort a quick buck from Whole Foods.

Whole Foods has dropped their counter-suit because there's no upside for them to continue but the local DA needs to look long and hard at criminal charges for that hoax.