Wednesday, April 20, 2016


It is hard to imagine a more cosmopolitan establishment these days than Whole Foods, where, David Brooks joked, the checkers all look like they’re on loan from Amnesty International. But a gay preacher is alleging that he is the victim of hate speech from the bakery department at the Whole Foods in Austin, Texas, where his special order cake reading “Love Wins” came with some extra frosting:

The lettering of the slur doesn’t match up very well with the lettering at the periphery. Is it plausible that a Whole Foods in Austin is a hotbed of anti-gay sentiment? Better send the whole cake to the FBI Frosting Handwriting Analysis Lab to get to the bottom of this.

Whole Foods is denying their baker did it



Bird of Paradise said...

And the human and civil rights fascsists wont say a thing about it and the news will be silent

Anonymous said...

If one of their bakers or employees didn't do it how come the color blue matches so well ?! And where was the cake collected from?

Anonymous said...

If you are going off percentages there is a good chance that this is fabricated to gain outrage. Many of the anti LGBT and racial slurs/threats recently have been traced to activists wanting to spotlight their cause.


Anonymous said...

Those who complain the most about homosexuals are most likely a homosexual. There are a lot of homosexuals that comment on this blog, don't you agree?

Use the Name, Luke said...

Oh look, another "did you stop beating your wife" type assertion. (3:16)


Use the Name, Luke said...

It's pretty clear to me that whoever put "love wins" on the cake also intended to put the other word there too. Why else would you put two short words around the edge of the cake, leaving the center open?

There are two possibilities: Either the preacher bought a blank cake and did this himself, or this was done at the bakery.

As I was writing this, I thought it would be a good idea to check the source article. Whole Foods is saying that putting "love wins" around the edge was the customer's request. To me that signals the intent to add to the cake.

Smells like a hoax to me, especially since "gay preacher" is an oxymoron.

Birdzilla said...

Forcing christian bakeries to bake cakes for gay weddings in unamerican these liberal leftists human and civil rights jerks need to leave america and the UN Human Rights wanks can go with them

Anonymous said...

Luke - the center of the cake could have been reserved for some kind of decoration that the "gay preacher" had in mind. Can you read his mind that he was reserving it for the word "GAY" which was curiously in exactly the same shade of blue frosting as the outside lettering? And how come "gay preacher" is an oxymoron - he might be preaching against anti-gay morons like you.

Anonymous said...

... I meant the word "FAG" not "GAY".

Anonymous said...

Luke is a fag. God hates fags. The WBC says so. http:://

Anonymous said...

Whole Foods has video on this incident and they have filed a countersuit. I understand that the cake-maker in question is LGBTQ.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Perhaps luke would like a cake in the face

Anonymous said...

How many people order a cake with a certain message on it, pick up the cake without checking the message at the store. Go home and then turn on a camera so they can film themselves opening the cake at home and therefore preserve their reaction when the message on the cake isn't what they ordered?

If that doesn't scream suspicious at you then you aren't paying attention. Whole Foods has also compared the video the guy took of himself opening the cake and noticed that when the guy put the cake back into the box before he opened it, that the box was upside down placing the UPC label on the wrong side of the box which is why they released a video showing that when this scammer bought the cake that it was the other side of the box that was scanned for that label.

Anonymous said...

Cake decorators have also gotten into the act. They say that the icing used to write "Love Wins" is not the same as the writing of "Fag." The first appears to be icing while the second appears to be a pre-made gel. Also, the colors of the icings are different. Someone here said they were the same, but people in the graphic arts world can pull color values off an image. The "Love Wins" has some variations due to shading but "Fag" is not close. Also notice the difference in thickness of the writing with "Fag" being thinner than "Love Wins."

Anon 1:21 is correct on the label being in the wrong place as well. (While I think that his premise on checking the cake before leaving the store is correct, there was no need to open the box to do so as there is a window on the top of the box that shows the tops of the cake.) Who doesn't look through the window when they pick up the cake or when the cake is sitting on the counter being paid for? Who doesn't look down at the cake when you pick it up off of the checkout aisle?)

This should show why it is good to let things play out a little bit before running breathless pieces in the media. Any outlet that ran with this story should be ashamed of themselves, but that assumes that media outlets can feel or understand shame.

The facebook page of the church has the man being ripped by parishioners.

I bet this isn't turning out like he thought it would.

(And we should all be happy that it isn't.)

Anonymous said...

Weird case! The shades of blue are so close that it's difficult to believe it didn't come from the same source, so that it was likely done by the same person or someone else with access to the same frosting; and was done either as an insult to the customer or under the customer's instructions as a "red flag" (or blue flag); but if the latter, it would be a conspiracy involving the bakery. Whatever the case, it just shows how pathetic people are over the issue of two adults who just want to have a private celebration of their love for each other.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Luke usually pops up when the topic of homosexuality pops up! People who are so negative about gays are usually in freudian denial about being gay themselves (or possibly gay themselves) and fear social censure, so they scapegoat other people who may be homosexual. In that respect, "homo-phobia" is a very appropriate term.

Re the blank center of the cake - it could very likely have been meant for some decoration to be placed later such as a figure of two people kissing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:54,


Just no.

First, let's start with the basics: the lettering is not the same.
Second: The writing "Love Wins" is done in icing. The writing "Fag" is done in an icing gel.
Third: The thickness of the letters is different as if a different sized tip was used.
Four: While the colors are similar, they are not the same as one would expect.
Five: The cake decorator is a lesbian. Why would she write on the cake in such a manner?
Six: Upon checkout, the label is on the top of the cake. When the man films the "opening" of the cake at home, the label is on the side and bottom.

The only way this is a "weird case" is if you live in a fantasy world where facts are ignored.

Anonymous said...

Watched a part of the guys video, there is no way he could have picked up that cake at Whole Foods and not seen right then and there the word "Fag" on the cake. It is simply far too visible to have gone unnoticed and as noted who requests something like that and doesn't check it out before paying for it?

Anonymous said...

10:19 - you do not mention the possibility of another employee at the bakery adding the "FAG" after the lesbian decorator had finished (if she wasn't involved in a false flag set-up). But looking at the photo, I do not see a difference in either the color or the material (frosting or gel), and not much in the style of lettering which could have been done quickly as an after-thought by either the same person or another employee. If it was done by the preacher or his associate/s, it seems amazing that they got such a close color match and texture for the "FAG". (You seem to live in a world of unjustified certainty where "facts" are what you want them to be!)

Anonymous said...


There is no need to mention another decorator adding to the cake as decorators will finish a cake, put it in a box and put a pricing label on it.

I am sorry that you can't see the difference in colors. It is there. The same thing with the icing vs gel. The gel is slightly more translucent than the icing.

I am not sure what to say about the lettering. It is not identical as you seem to think.

It is not amazing that the colors are close as the color is readily available in the cake decorating aisles of stores. (I looked at Walmart today and it was there.)

Frankly, you seem desperate to justify the man's accusations. You still haven't thought of a response as to why the man would not have seen the cake's writing as the top of the box is clear.

You still haven't said why or how the price tag gets moved from the top of the cake box (as shown in the store's video) to the bottom and side of the cake box when, according to the man, he "first opens" the box.

There are certain facts in this story that you seem to want to ignore. Those facts don't line up with the man's story. If that is what you call "certainty," I would agree with you. The facts are what the facts are. You making up theories to fit what you want to believe doesn't change those facts whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

10:13 Wow - If you read what I wrote you would see I was looking at possibilities from all sides not "desperate to justify the man's accusations". It seems you are doing just that re the case for the false flag, and ignoring other possibilities out of (homophobic) bias. Perhaps it was a false flag - and I considered that if you read what I wrote, but no doubt you only see what you want to see - in this and in most other respects!!

Anonymous said...

Has 10:13 ignored other things out of prejudice? What if the decorator didn't immediately seal the box and someone else could have interfered (unless the decorator was involved in the false flag); what if the preacher was in a hurry and/or didn't see the need to look very carefully through the box "window" and just assumed that the baker had been professional enough not to allow an insulting word to be put on it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:21 - What you state is possible but highly unlikely. Watch the video, they guy buying the cake has exactly one item so he didn't have anything covering the huge window on the cake and he certainly didn't carry it any way except right side up so there was absolutely nothing preventing him from seeing the cake.

Think about it, he ordered a custom cake (well custom wording on a cake) and picked it up and claims he did not see that extra word until after he paid for it and got out to his car? Then instead of taking it right back into the store he goes home and carefully videos himself showing the cake and the "seal" taking time to note that the seal is unbroken? Taking such care to "preserve and record evidence" after he failed to take any care when he first received the cake?

Not very likely at all, remotely possible but while I wouldn't normally go near a Whole Foods market because of their outright bad attitude and exploitation of ignorance I have to side with them on this case, at least until I see a lot more evidence otherwise.

4:13 said...


When you start to make up things that are not supported by the evidence, you are just clinging to the idea that you must be right.

There is no evidence of what you hypothesize. That's the point. I guess one could say "elves sneaked into the box and added lettering" and expect everyone to say "gee, that's a great theory!"

You have presented several "theories" that are demonstrably false and yet you expect people to believe in your other wild, unsupported theories.

(Maybe a unicorn wrote on the cake!)


You're right. I am prejudice. I am prejudice toward the truth.

While one can argue against reason and human nature that he did not see the cake in the store, one cannot argue with the man's own statement that he saw the lettering in his car while in the parking lot prior before leaving the lot.

If one is to believe him, why wait and go home? Why not just snap a picture of the cake and take the cake inside? Why has he changed his story from not suing to launching a suit against the store? Why and how has the label moved from the time he was in the store to when he unboxed the cake for the "first time?"

The man's story doesn't add up and no matter how much you and others try to justify it, won't change the fact that the guy lies.

The sad thing is that there is actual animus toward gays that should be addressed. This little stunt will only make people less likely to believe the next, real victim of bias.

Anonymous said...

10:51 Your various comments demonstrate that you will only entertain one interpretation of the facts, which is just prejudiced and arrogant. Why are you so determined that it was a false-flag? Are you Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot? Why not more carefully evaluate the evidence from BOTH sides and then maybe come down on the more likely one, and with less determination, since you aren't a detective right there on the case. At least you are correct that if it does prove to be a false-flag then actual anti-gay stunts will suffer from the "cry-wolf" effect.

Anonymous said...

And now we know, it was indeed a hoax. The attention seeking nitwit has admitted that it was a hoax, dropped his suit against Whole Foods and apologized.