Sunday, April 03, 2016

Australia: Must not mention that women often prefer smaller meals

Chicken Parmigiana: IT’S the classic pub meal that sparks a particular kind of craving.

Those watching their waistlines have long been able to order a half-sized option, but Melbourne’s oldest pub has taken a different approach.

The Duke of Wellington has dubbed its smaller option the ‘Lady Parma’, sparking politically correct outrage on Twitter.

Served with salad instead of mayonnaise-laden coleslaw, the light version of the Duke Parma — which is $5 cheaper — sparked mockery on social media by those who dubbed it ‘sexist’.

Sports journalist Adam Collins tweeted an image of the menu, with the message: “The @DukeMelbourne’s ~Lady Parma~ is smaller, and comes with salad instead of coleslaw. Can’t make this stuff up.”

“Finally! A parma small enough to keep me to a ladylike size for my husband. I do so hope it’s pretty & pink,” one follower responded.

“Hopefully it is served with smaller sized cutlery that will fit in our small ~lady hands~,” Louise Crossman tweeted back.

A 25-year-old man with “a small appetite” described the ‘Lady Parma’ moniker as “outdated”, tweeting: “You can just feel the dignity in saying ‘I’ll have a lady parma thanks’ when ordering.”

Others pointed out that the phenomenon existed at venues across Melbourne, including steak restaurants where a smaller “ladies” option was seen on menus.



Anonymous said...

There's a difference between a 'lady' and a 'woman'!

Anonymous said...

Our meals come in 3 sizes: Hottie, Hunk and Humongous.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals need their own Whine List to vent their complaits against

Anonymous said...

The feminazis arise once again.

Birdzilla said...

Beware or the wicked wiccans of the worst kind will turn you into a toadiefrog