Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Free Speech 1, Kamala Harris 0

Judge throws out California attempt to intimidate conservative donors

Kamala Harris has been a hero of the left’s campaign to use donor disclosure as a tool of political intimidation. Since 2013 the California Attorney General has been demanding that nonprofits provide unredacted donor names if they want to solicit donations in the state. On Thursday a federal court declared her disclosure requirement an unconstitutional burden on First Amendment rights.

Federal Judge Manuel Real granted a permanent injunction against Ms. Harris in a lawsuit brought by the Americans For Prosperity Foundation. The group, which is affiliated with free-market supporters Charles and David Koch, has argued that as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, it should not be forced to supply the Attorney General with the organization’s IRS Form 990 Schedule B, which contains its donor names.

In his 12-page decision, Judge Real notes that while Attorney General Harris argued that she needed donor disclosure to identify lawbreaking like “self-dealing” or “improper loans,” that was a stretch. “[O]ver the course of trial, the Attorney General was hard pressed to find a single witness who could corroborate the necessity of Schedule B forms in conjunction with their office’s investigations,” the judge wrote.

Ms. Harris claimed the donor disclosure was only for internal purposes and not for public use or to precipitate any targeting of the donors, but the judge didn’t buy that either.



Bird of Paradise said...

Take that Kamela Harris you wicked old hag the U.S. Constitution trumps the demands of leftists scumballs now they can return to their place under the rock and soak their heads in a few gallons of vermooth

Anonymous said...

The full story also notes that Kamela Harris had a large number of those forms that they had already received from other organizations and had placed them on a server where they were not kept confidential as required by law.

This judge should have pitched the bitch into jail.

Anonymous said...

Another attempt by socialists to circumvent the constitution. How many Democrat organizations has she investigated?

Anonymous said...

She knew that she could make them available through a Freedom of Information Request even though by law she should have redacted the donors so this was a blatant attempt to stop conservative donations or expose the donors. Progressive doctrine does not follow the rule of law unless it suits their purpose.


Birdzilla said...

Kamela Harris and Moonbeam Brown need to leave america now

Anonymous said...

Typical illegal leftist attempt to weaponize the legal system. They lost this time, but they'll try, try again until they succeed.

Spurwing Plover the fighting Shorebird said...

Typical of liberals to want dope legalized and guns banned Moonbeam and Harris Tweedeele Dumb and Tweeddeele Stupid Stupid