Monday, April 25, 2016

Must not mention that Obama is 'part Kenyan'

Boris Johnson was accused of 'dog whistle racism' and likened to right-wing 'Tea Party' politicians in the US this morning after his attack on the 'part-Kenyan' Barack Obama.

The Mayor of London spoke out against the US President after he urged British voters to stay in the EU and mentioned his African ancestry as he criticised the decision to remove a bust of Sir Winston Churchill from the Oval Office shortly after Mr Obama entered the White House.

Mr Johnson - who is favourite to succeed David Cameron as Prime Minister - suggested the President got rid of the statue as a 'snub' to Britain's wartime prime minister and a 'symbol of the part-Kenyan President's ancestral dislike of the British empire'.

But Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell hit out at Mr Johnson and demanded he withdraw the controversial remarks.

He wrote on Twitter: 'Mask slips again. Boris part-Kenyan Obama comment is yet another example of dog whistle racism from senior Tories. He should withdraw it.'

This afternoon Mr Johnson defended his remarks and said he did not imply the US leader was anti-British.

Diane Abbott, Shadow International Development Secretary, hit out at Mr Johnson, describing his remarks as 'offensive' and said they echoed those of the Tea Party's right-wing, anti-immigration tendency in the US.

Referring to the removal of Sir Winston's bust, Mr Johnson wrote in The Sun today : 'No one was sure whether the President had himself been involved in the decision,' he said.

'Some said it was a snub to Britain. Some said it was a symbol of the part-Kenyan President's ancestral dislike of the British empire - of which Churchill had been such a fervent defender.'

'I think the issue really is about democracy - America guards its democracy very jealously and I think we should be entitled to do so as well.'

Ukip leader Nigel Farage backed up Mr Johnson's claims. He told The Guardian: 'Look, I know his family's background. Kenya. Colonialism. There is clearly something going on there.

'It's just that you know people emerge from colonialism with different views of the British. Some thought that they were really rather benign and rather good, and others saw them as foreign invaders.  'Obama's family come from that second school of thought and it hasn't quite left him yet.'

Mr Johnson's attack on the President came after Mr Obama's controversial decision to make a major intervention in the EU referendum campaign.



Bird of Paradise said...

No free speech in the European(Soviet)Union and here in america liberals want to push speech codes that would ban any speech they consiter would offend whining liberal liberal panietards

Anonymous said...

Obama is a half and half. Half socialist white America and half British hating black Kenyan. To call him the first black president is only half true. As to his input into the UK political debate on the EU exit I would have likes to have hear what he would have had to say if a UK Prime Minister stood next to George Bush at the Whitehouse and interjected in US politics. Obama should never have been allowed to leave the US and espouse bullshit foreign policy from when he was a senator let alone a president. Every thing he touches is poisoned.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry, President Obama is a short timer. You may want to tune up your vitriol for out next president, Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Obama may be a short timer now but his legacy will cripple the US for decades to come. If Hillary is elected the damage will be doubled even should she be a one termer.

Anonymous said...

"his legacy will cripple the US for decades to come"


his legacy will cripple the US conservative movement for decades to come

I am happy with what he has done. If you don't like him, go pound sand. We do not care what you think anyways.
I guess you would still want Bin Laden alive. I guess you want the economy to be in the ditch just like Bush left it. etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:49/5:26 - Troll much? Are you part of the army of trolls that bitch Hillary has released?

Why on earth would any responsible adult vote for a person who is so obviously pandering to every group she can?

Why would any responsible adult vote for a person who is so obviously owned by people with money and are still blatantly and obviously bankrolling her so they can get "special considerations"?

Is she really the kind of person that should be in charge of this country?

If you say she should, it is only because you are a special kind of oblivious ignoramus or one of those holding her leash because nothing else could make sense.

Birdzilla said...

Obama is Half and Half Half Thief and Half Liar

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...


Anonymous said...

Charles G. Koch, the billionaire industrialist, suggested in an interview Sunday that he was open to supporting Hillary Clinton for president and said it was possible she would make a better president than her Republican rivals.

It was an unexpected sentiment from Mr. Koch, who has for years deployed his vast wealth to champion conservative causes and Republican candidacies, emerging as a major foe of the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

Koch will go where the money is. That says it all and justifies voting for anyone but Hillary.

King Condor said...

I see Robert Kennedy Jr wants the Kotch Brothers and other certian buisness leaders persicuted Isnt it about the Kennedy Curse t stuck again this time for a spoiled little tree hugger/granola muncher