Sunday, April 10, 2016

Must not refer to Scottish products as "British"

Many Scots nationalists are real Nazis.  They would gas the English if they could

Sales of Tunnock's tea cakes rocketed by 10 per cent after hardline Scottish nationalists called for a boycott of the treats.

Adverts for the iconic Scottish snacks appeared on the London Underground at the beginning of the year featuring the words 'Great British Tea Cake'.

This led extreme Scottish nationalists to stage a protest outside the company's HQ in Lanarkshire, Scotland and to call for a 'boycott' of their tea cakes.

But the campaign backfired spectacularly, with Tunnock's revealing on Wednesday that sales had soared following the controversy.

The company says the sales surge was fuelled directly by the publicity storm which was unwittingly unleashed by the extremist protesters.

And interest in Tunnock's tea cakes has grown so much thanks to the 'boycott' that the firm has now released a range of tea cake themed merchandise.

Fergus Loudon, operations director at Tunnock's, said: 'It meant the Tunnock's name was being talked about all over the world and people are still talking about it.

'It prompted a lot people to go out and buy tea cakes and has been fantastic for us in terms of sales. There was a definite spike.  'Our sales went up by at least 10 per cent.

Protesters from the self-styled 'Scottish Resistance' group picketed outside the Tunnock's factory in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, while a video appeared online showing a man smashing boxes of Tunnock's tea cakes while swearing and ranting.

A company spokesman said they remained proud of their Scottish roots and had not meant to cause offence.



Bird of Paradise said...

Whens this silly PC nonsense ever going to end when will we have some common sense back in the world?

Anonymous said...

The Scots have many very good reasons to be angry about their treatment by the English in the past.