Thursday, April 07, 2016

White supremacist father who named his son Adolf Hitler and daughter Eva Braun opens up

The man has been severely punished for his foolish words. The First Amendment has no exception for foolish words

A father who named his son Adolf Hitler and daughter Eva Braun before they were taken away by social services says he is sick of people treating him like garbage.

Isidore Heath Campbell, 42, from New Jersey claims he is just misunderstood, despite his obsession with the evil Nazi dictator, and believes his children were removed from his home because of their names.

He made the comments in a documentary called Meet The Hitlers, which follows the lives of everyday people who share the name of the leader of the Third Reich.

'A person makes a person, a name doesn’t,' Campell says in the documentary which was released on iTunes on Tuesday.

Campbell, who claims he is simply misunderstood, believes New Jersey child services took away his children simply because he named them after the evil dictator

'I have different beliefs. I believe in whites (living) with whites, blacks with blacks, Spanish with Spanish. I don’t see anything wrong with that.'

Campbell has a tattoo of a Swastika on his neck and arm and the names of his three other children on other parts of his body.

The white supremacist lost custody of his youngest daughter, who he called Eva Braun, just days after she was born in November 2013.

Campbell first made headlines in 2008 for complaining that a ShopRite supermarket refused to write his then-seven-year-old son’s name on a birthday cake.

Just days after the news broke, social services came around and took his children away.

'(Child protective services) stripped my kids down in my house, checked my kids all out. They found no child abuse, no nothing.

'My son's name is Adolf Hitler Campbell. Does that make it OK for them to come and steal your children,' he says. 

'They got a court order and they removed my kids. That was it. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.'

New Jersey authorities have insisted they did not take the child from Campbell and his ex-girlfriend Bethanie Zito because of her name - the same as Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler's wife - but because of concerns for their safety.



Anonymous said...

Some people should not have children.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just like the school that wanted the parents to change their kids name becuase his name is Hunter Someone should tell the school officials to keep their fat liberal pansie noses to themselves

Anonymous said...

The real question is whether the man is mentally stable and whether any instability can or does affect the children.

The cited article raises doubts on this man:

Campbell has a tattoo of a Swastika on his neck and arm and the names of his three other children on other parts of his body.

Their names are: JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, Honzlynn Jeannie and Heinrich Hons - named after Hitler’s right-hand man, Heinrich Himmler.

One could argue that naming your children and raising them in a violent, white supremacist environment is not healthy for any child. It is not as if this guy is a model father like Ward Cleaver: After all, when he tried to get custody of his children from his first marriage, he showed up in court dressed in full a Nazi uniform.

In 2013 his ex-wife Cathy Bowlby said Campbell believed he was the devil and wanted to call another of his children Lucifer.

Ms Bowlby, who was married to the Nazi-lover for three years, said he liked to take her on trips to their local cemetery so he could 'show me where he was going to bury me when he killed me'.

How has his attitude and teaching affected his kids?

Previous court documents show that the oldest child, Adolf, frequently threatened to kill people.

This guy has a history of domestic violence which seems to be translating to his children.

Does that mean that the State should take the kids away? No. But it does mean that the man, his wife and family should be looked at for the safety of the children and those around them. There is clearly more to this than the sensationalized Daily Mail story describes.

Anonymous said...

Bird of Paradise wrote:

Just like the school that wanted the parents to change their kids name becuase his name is Hunter

Ignorance is strong with the bird brained one.

The school did not ask the child to change his name. The child is deaf and was signing his name using the Signing Exact English sign language. The school teaches and uses American Sigh Language which is what they wanted the child to use.

The father objected and said the school wanted the child to "change his name" because of the way it is signed using a "gun" symbol.

The school denied the allegation. The ACLU and the National Association of the Deaf weighted in on the side of the parents and the kid against the school based on the statements of the father. When more came out about what was actually happening, their support went away.

The school district, for their part, released a statement saying they don't tell parents how their child must sign their name, but they do strongly encourage using ASL.

If this sounds unreasonable to you, perhaps we should lower the outrage over "ebonics" in public schools. It is the same issue of saying students should be taught to a standard of communication rather than allowing a form of communication the student prefers.

Then again, Birdbrain was never good on being consistent in his arguments. Ignorance and liberalism will do that to you.

stinky said...

There's something wrong with people who glorify a mass killer, such as those who name their child Hitler or Osama in honor of such scum.

Birdzilla said...

Stinky, Stalin and Mao were even worse then Hitler Yet the two are admired by brain-dead liberals

Anonymous said...

Hitler 6-11 million
Stalin 10-20 million
Mao 40-70 million

More than half of Stalin and Mo's tally were from systematic starvation so they could be replaced with those more loyal to their demigod.

Mao's little red book was popular on campus when I went to college (in the pre-internet days where you had to research things in a library) but when you confronted the disciples with the number he killed and the way he did it they shouted you down as a liar.


Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Eva Bruam was a bunny Hugger Hitler was a Vegan

stinky said...


Agreed. Lots of examples in history, even before socialism formalized envy as an excuse: Genghis Khan & Tamerlane come to mind.

Storm the Altatross said...