Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Australian Vietnamese up in arms over restaurant named after Communist leader

It was rather nostalgic for me to see the South Vietnamese flag above again.  I stuck a lot of them on top of Leftist posters during the Vietnam war.  Most Vietnamese in Australia are from the South

About 100 people have protested outside Brisbane's Uncle Ho restaurant, which was closed on Sunday due to "death threats" for naming the eatery after Vietnamese communist leader Ho Chi Minh.

The city's Vietnamese community said the name and advertising was ignorant and insulting and they would continue to organise protests until the name was changed.

They held a peaceful protest outside the New Farm establishment on Sunday morning, singing national songs and holding placards such as "Ho Chi Minh is nobody's uncle".

Phoung Nguyen said protesters' attempts to contact the owners of the New Farm restaurant had failed.  She said because their peaceful approach did not work, they decided to rally. "For Vietnamese, especially from the south, who risked their lives and ran away from their country by boat in the 70s and 80s, we hate that name," she said.

"We are incensed. "The posters in there is some sort of promotion for the Vietnamese army and remind us of the invasion of Saigon.

"It was a terrifying period for all of us, we were the losers and the winner did not treat us humanely.  "Why do you promote an eatery with all the war, guns, tanks images?"

Millions fled Vietnam as a result of Ho Chi Minh and the communist regime.


The name is now being changed


Bird of Paradise said...

A restruant named for a terrorist and communists war crinimal and although these people are protesting the leftists news media in america will ignore it all

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was an attempt at satire - perhaps lost on most!

Anonymous said...

... and/or irony !

Birdzilla said...

But dont you dare call your restruant SAMBOS it offends liberals

Anonymous said...

Ho Chi Minh was a tyrant and has sent hundreds of thousands of his countrymen to their death to achieve a society none but the communist elite want. While arguably not as bad he is the same as Moa & Stalin.


Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

These people know about tyranny becuase they fled a tyrant Ho Chi Minh is down in the same place with Hitler,Stalin and Mao