Monday, April 04, 2016

Must not tell the truth about black crime

PITTSBURGH television station WTAE has ended its relationship with anchorwoman Wendy Bell over racial comments she posted on Facebook about an ambush shooting at a barbecue that left five people and an unborn baby dead.

In a statement, parent company Hearst Television said Bell’s comments were “inconsistent with the company’s ethics and journalistic standards.”

Bell, who is white, speculated about the identities of the two men who fatally shot five black people in the poor Pittsburgh suburb of Willkinsburg on March 9.

In her March 21 post on her anchor Facebook page, she said in part: “You needn’t be a criminal profiler to draw a mental sketch of the killers who broke so many hearts two weeks ago Wednesday. ... They are young black men, likely in their teens or in their early 20s. They have multiple siblings from multiple fathers and their mothers work multiple jobs. These boys have been in the system before. They’ve grown up there. They know the police. They’ve been arrested.”

After a social media backlash, Bell apologised, saying her words “were insensitive and could be viewed as racist.” The station also apologised, saying Bell’s remarks showed “an egregious lack of judgment.”

Authorities have not made any arrests in the killings or provided a description of the possible suspects. Siblings Jerry Michael Shelton, 35, Brittany Powell, 27, and Chanetta Powell, 25, along with two cousins, Tina Shelton, 37, and Shada Mahone, 26, were killed in the ambush shooting, police said. Chanetta Powell was nearly eight months pregnant.

On Wednesday, Bell defended herself, saying she didn’t get a “fair shake” from the station, and that the story was not about her, but about “African-Americans being killed by other African-Americans.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Becuase when it comes to the leftists propeganda they call news truth is prohibted and becuase it gets in the way of Big Bad Brothers propeganda machine more reasons to boycott these leftists news services and no longer listen to their lies

Anonymous said...

a 700pct higher homicide amongst the black culture in America is the most ignored thing about the black culture.

Anonymous said...

A modest proposal. Let the station manager or whomever is responsible for her firing take a stroll through the "hood" sometime. Then he'll surely be able to report firsthand on the law abiding nature of the residents there.

Anonymous said...

The police did arrest a person of interest in the case, but because he's being held on a parole violation and several other charges he isn't going anywhere so they're not in any rush to charge him with the murders. FWIW, he pretty much matches the description she gave.

Anonymous said...

US Dept of Justice:
Trends by race

Blacks were disproportionately represented among homicide offenders

In 2008, the offending rate for blacks (24.7 offenders per 100,000) was 7 times higher than the rate for whites (3.4 offenders per 100,000)

Anonymous said...

Does she get her job back if she's right.? Does she get to sue for wrongful dismissal?

Anonymous said...

Bell apologized, saying her words “were insensitive and could be viewed as racist.”

The truth is not insensitive and racist.

Anonymous said...

Never apologize for the truth. It only emboldens these hacks.

Birdzilla said...

Its the same way with the Nazi Broadcasting Company(NBC)Awful Broadcasting Company(ABC)and the Communists Broadcasting System(CBS)as well as the Communists News Network(CNN)and A-Mess-NBC

Anonymous said...

Faux News is the entertainment branch of the Rethuglican Party.