Wednesday, April 13, 2016

British University investigates ‘racist banana’ incident in student halls

Warwick University is to investigate after racist remarks were written on a bunch of bananas in a flat in student accommodation.

Faramade Ifaturoti, 19, believed to be a [black] student at the university, tweeted an image of the fruit and wrote: “Just entered the kitchen and look at what one of my flatmates has [allegedly] done. I am extremely disgusted.”

Two racist terms can clearly be seen written on the fruit in black marker. While Ms Ifaturoti blamed her flatmates, it was not known who was responsible and the words could have been written by a visitor to the flat.

The tweet quickly gathered attention after being posted late on Tuesday afternoon and had been retweeted almost 3,000 times.

The university responded to the original tweet just over an hour later, saying: “We’re really sorry you’ve had to experience this. It is completely unacceptable. Please DM us your email and we will escalate.”

A university spokesperson told the Independent: “We are aware that a racist incident has been widely reported on social media. The university is investigating this as a matter of urgency.”


Lots of people don't like blacks, even if they are not allowed to say so.  So it comes as a shock when they do say so in some way.

But it is interesting that the n-word in the picture is spelled "Nigga". British English is non-rhotic, meaning that "nigger" and "nigga" are pronounced the same. There is a distinction only in the USA. And "nigga" is used mostly by blacks. So the word was most likely written by an American black, perhaps the woman herself.


Anonymous said...

It was a nasty thing to do. There is not any justification for casual insults.

Bird of Paradise said...

Ahh racsisit Bananas is this real or another fake hate crime by attention mongers?

Anonymous said...

Fake hate crime, almost certainly.

Anonymous said...

Monty Python was right. A banana is indeed a weapon. "Oh my flatmates are so mean to me. Waa, waa, waa."
Please! Just suck it up or move.

Birdzilla said...

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Hinchey said...

I believe she had already fallen out with her flat mates and the most likely culprit is herself trying to get back at them

Gillygaloo Bird said...