Thursday, April 21, 2016

UCLA Muslims want truth-telling posters censored

Students for Justice in Palestine called for UCLA administrators to create a comprehensive plan that anticipates hate-speech posters, among other demands, in response to another wave of posters that link SJP to terrorist groups.

David Horowitz, a conservative writer based in Los Angeles, posted flyers Friday accusing SJP and the Muslim Student Association of supporting the murder of Israelis. Jerry Kang, vice chancellor of equity, diversity and inclusion, sent a campus-wide email in response, condemning Horowitz’s actions as psychological harassment and intimidation.

Rahim Kuwra, a member of SJP and doctoral candidate in sociology, said the Friday posters are the fourth iteration of Horowitz’s attack on SJP members. On Tuesday SJP released a list of five administrative demands that aim to mitigate similar attacks on students.

In the statement, SJP said it wants administrators to implement a more thorough plan of removing posters that contain hate speech. SJP members acknowledged UCPD and UCLA Facilities Management have established procedures to remove the posters, but maintain the procedures could be improved, according to the email.



Bird of Paradise said...

Some are just plain afraid of the truth of what muslims have done to christians through out history and it continues to this day in the middle east and here in america only this case its being carried out by the leftists civil and human rights organizations

Anonymous said...

I bet they would really cry if they put up posters saying "Mohammad, the most worshiped slave trader in world history"

Use the Name, Luke said...

Hate speech: Repeating the teachings of Islam or Palestinian Arabs in public.

Anonymous said...

Hate speech: Anything that Luke or Bird of Paradise says.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Jessica Parker is linked to terrorist groups?
Next you'll be saying that Miranda and Charlotte hate shopping!

Birdzilla said...

Why do the hide mhammeds face? The face of SATAN?

Anonymous said...

Hate speech to a liberal means anything they disagree with!