Friday, April 22, 2016

An old insanity continues

But it's no joke, as the past has shown.  Blaming the Jews for everything just rose to a new height of absurdity.  Now some Russians are blaming Jews for the collapse of the Soviet Union!

The Rabbi and the President.  They get on well

Following the dissemination of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory by a politician from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s party, a chief rabbi of Russia called on the government to stamp out hate speech against Jews.

Rabbi Berel Lazar’s appeal Friday to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was in reaction to the April 10 statement on Jews by Vladislav Vikhorev, a candidate for Putin’s United Russia who is running to be elected a state lawmaker in the Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk Oblast, a federal region located nearly 1,000 miles away from Moscow.

During a debate in the city of Chelyabinsk, Vikhorev said that Jews in the 1990s were behind a “Jewish revolution that put Russian sovereignty itself on the brink of extinction,” which he said was “a well-planned, well designed program of destruction of national culture, national education, national production and the national financial system,” according to the news website Apostroph.

Lazar enjoys good relations with Putin, whom he credits with curbing anti-Semitic speech in media and in government, that Lazar says was more common before Putin came into power.



Bird of Paradise said...

So who said the Soviet Union colapred it looks like to me like its now spread all over the european ccontinent and the british lses as well

Anonymous said...

In he 1990s, the Soviet Union was on the point of collapse due to its own faults.

Birdzilla said...

And h now they want to recreate the Soviet Union with the help of the United Nations,CFR,Demacratic party and Obama

Anonymous said...

colapred ?

A Pepsi Predator? Kinky. I like it.