Sunday, April 10, 2016

Must not say that men like women to be slim

And even a feminist mother is not enough to suppress that preference

A son has been publicly shamed by his own mother in a hilarious online rant after he shared a sexist meme on his Facebook page.

The offensive picture was originally posted by Meninist - a Men's Rights Movement group who believe it is men who are being oppressed in today's society.

Titled: 'What it takes to be attractive', it featured a photograph of a man wearing a suit next to a long list of qualities such 'be ripped', 'have money' and 'smell good.'

Next to him was a picture of a naked woman holding a measuring tape around her with just one requirement 'don't be too fat.'

His mother, who has chosen to stay anonymous, posted an incredible public shaming of her son's poorly chosen Facebook post.

His mom ended her hilarious rant telling him: 'Your proctologist called. He found your head'



Bird of Paradise said...

Men are being persicuted by the leftists scum suckers who want all boys to grow up to be ballet dancers and tree huggers

Anonymous said...

I read that article, the mother is pissed but not once does she actually counter any argument and nothing in the article justifies the author of that article saying the mother's rant was "hilarious" or "brilliant" when in fact it's nasty, vindictive and controlling.

The Meninist group is not that wrong, it has been building for a very long time. As a child long ago I got angry when I realized that the Flintstones cartoons I was watching had a theme of the "men do something stupid and the women rescue them" in nearly every episode and once I saw that it opened my eyes to a world of other subtle crap being pulled by the media.

Anonymous said...

Consider this: If the meme were a complete and utter absurdity, nobody would care. Imagine if the kid posted a meme from the Flat Earth Society. Mom and friends would either mock the child mercilessly or ignore it totally.

But instead, Mom goes on an embarrassing, atrociously written rant that never once challenges or refutes the claims made by the meme. Her anger should not be directed at her son, but at her own inability to offer an intelligent response.

Dean said...

As usual an offended person able to offer only unreasoning emotion. And, as 1:31 AM posted, there is nothing hilarious or brilliant about her rant. There seems to be a reason for her emotion though. She states that her son must feel she is unattractive. Sounds like she's a bit or more overweight herself. If she could take the emotional blinders off and think rationally she would realize there is a lot of truth in her son's post. .

Don't believe it? Look at advertising. How many overweight, out of shape men are pictured wearing the latest fashions? Or selling products aimed at senior citizens. Even those supposedly in their later years are very fit, well groomed, and well dressed. Advertisers know what makes a person attractive - male or female. So do movie and TV producers. Very few cast other than ripped, well groomed, well dressed men as romantic leads.

In 72 years I've seldom heard a woman look at other than the pictured stereotypical 'good looking guy' favorably. But I have heard cat whistles and comments made by women when the ripped, tanned, good looking guy comes by.

Of course being slender is the only characteristic that makes a woman attractive, it isn't. But excess weight is a major factor that cause many to find either gender unattractive.

If a person is unhappy with their weight, something can be done about it. The process isn't easy or fast. Will power is needed to eat less that wanted, and sitting in front of the TV or computer is easier than walking or going to a gym and working out.

Birdzilla said...

The evils of liberalism and socialism

Anonymous said...

Mothers and sons having a minor domestic is apparently global news nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:20 - Wouldn't be news except another lefty like you decided to make it so. So now that its clear that the story is leftist foolishness you try to make it go away instead of defending?