Monday, April 11, 2016

Whites must not disrespect women

Blacks do it routinely but that's OK

West Virginia University's Delta Tau Delta fraternity has been suspended indefinitely after a member posted a video online showing him making a string of sexist comments inside a frat house.

The student, Stephen Budkey, made the video as an audition tape for the MTV reality show Real World.

The footage - which he has since deleted from his YouTube page - showed him making lewd comments about women and described parties that broke the fraternity's rules.

He refers to women as 'b***hes' and claims to have had sex behind a dumpster in two clips from the nine-minute video.

The full details of what was said in the video are not known because it has been deleted.

However, two clips show Budkey calling women 'b***hes' and boasting about his sex life.

Referring to his bedroom, he says: 'People on audition tapes are always like, "that's where the magic happens".

'That's bulls***, the magic happens everywhere; behind the dumpster, outside, in a bathroom, in my car, sometimes in my room, you never know. It happens everywhere.'

In a second clip, he adds: 'This is my room. I'm sorry guys, it's a little messy.

'I'll be honest with you, my b***hes haven't come to clean it up yet but you know after spring break they'll be there and it'll be real tidy.'

Roy Baker, associate dean of students and director of Greek life at WVU, slammed Budkey for the video.

'It's unfortunate that the actions of one individual sully the reputation of an entire organization, but the attitudes and behavior lifted up in this video are inconsistent with the values of Greek life in general and this University in particular,' he said.



Bird of Paradise said...

Most of our collages and universities are run by leftists scumballs who tell students the Constitution is racsist these same places that allow 60's and 70's(Bill Ayers,Patty Davis Etc) era radicals to brainwash the youths if there was any way to cut the budget start by defunding these places

Anonymous said...

So some big-talking blowhard makes a bunch of crap up to try and get on a stupid 'reality' show and all of a sudden the world has gone crazy?
Surely people understand that audition tapes for these shows are about as 'real' as the crap they put to air.

Birdzilla said...

Geraldo Rivera with this walnut sized brain and his big big mouth

Anonymous said...

Faux News is the entertainment branch of the Rethuglican Party.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

CNN the Communists News Network owned by Red Ted Turner and run by Big Bad Wolf Blitizer

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:49 - Not having the brains to argue a position, you simply strike out using an idea you copied from someone else (you also haven't the brains to be original).

In other words, typical leftist idiot who will follow your masters blindly right up to the point they turn on you.

Anonymous said...


LOL. That's all you got? You may now go back to your parents' basement and jerk off while eating Cheetos.