Friday, December 09, 2016

Leftist hate speech again

One Alabama man has lost his job after gloating over the “deplorables” who lost everything in the Gatlinburg wildfires. Hundreds of structures were burned, tens of thousands of people were evacuated and 14 people were killed.

His social media post: “Funny story. I was recently in Gatlinburg. Had a terrible time. I felt the place was a cesspool of consumerism and a bastion of the worst aspect of southern culture. Turns out a wildfire just burned most of the town to the ground. Good riddance, Gatlinburg. And good luck you mouth-breathing, toothless, diabetic, cousin-humpin,‘ mountain-dew chugging, moon-pie-munchin,’ pall-mall smoking,‘, Trump-suckin’ pond scum. (Chuckles and smiles like the smarmy liberal elitist I am.”

Express Oil Change and Tire Engineers, his now-former employer, said in a statement, “We are absolutely disgusted at what was posted, and want to emphasize that a person of this character does not represent who we are as a company. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by the fires throughout the East Tennessee region, along with communities that were affected throughout the Southeast due to the recent drought. We want to offer our sincerest apologies that remarks like this were made.”


Censorship from the SPLC

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a disgusting cesspool of an organization, and their latest actions prove that fact tenfold. The New York Post is reporting that the SPLC self-censored survey results to hide the fact that at least 2,000 educators across the country reported racial slurs and other derogatory comments directed at white students in the first days after Donald Trump’s election:

The SPLC’s widely cited report — “The Trump Effect: The Impact of the 2016 Presidential Election on Our Nation’s Schools” — reported that 40 percent of the more than 10,000 educators who responded to the survey “have heard derogatory language directed at students of color, Muslims, immigrants and people based on gender or sexual orientation.” ....

But the SPLC didn’t present the whole story. The Montgomery, Ala.-based nonprofit self-censored results from a key question it asked educators — whether they agree or disagree with the following statement: “I have heard derogatory language or slurs about white students.”

Asked last week to provide the data, SPLC initially said it was having a hard time getting the information “from the researchers.” Pressed, SPLC spokeswoman Kirsten Bokenkamp finally revealed that “about 20 percent answered affirmatively to that question.”

As Hans Bader, former Education Department civil rights attorney, correctly concludes, “[The SPLC] left that result out because it would not fit their ideological narrative. It was deemed an inconvenient truth.”

This is far from the first time the SPLC has doctored the truth to fit their agenda. A separate report released Nov. 29 claims there were nearly 900 reports of Trump-related “harassment and intimidation” incidents across the country in the ten days following the election. However, the SPLC can’t confirm that any of the reported incidents actually took place.

Even crazier: simply mentioning “build the wall” accounted for 467 incidents of hate.

If a white person coughs in the direction of a person of color, the MSM cries hate. If a white person is beaten in broad daylight because he presumably voted for Trump, the MSM doesn’t say a thing.


Thursday, December 08, 2016

Amazon removes 'offensive' Allah 'doormats and dog mats' that feature the word 'God' written in Arabic after complaint from British Muslim politician sparks Twitter fury

Amazon has removed a third-party line of 'door and dog mats' featuring the Arabic word for God - Allah - after a complaint from Muslim users, including a British politician.

The mats - sold through Amazon by a number of independent users including 'Dargon One', 'Trendy Mats' and 'Gear One' - had been garnering complaints from Muslims since June, according to RT.

But it was only when Mariam Khan - a Councillor in the English city of Birmingham - complained on Twitter Monday that the site took the items off the market.

'These mats are extremely offensive to Muslims & out of order,' Khan wrote. '@amazon @AmazonHelp please remove these from your site immediately.'

She called the company to complain, earning an apology and promise to remove the items, but she said that the company would take them down faster if her followers complained - which they duly did.

Anam Hoque said the items were 'disgusting', 'irresponsible' and promoted 'hatred' and 'islamophobia'. Moeed Sheikh, meanwhile, called the items 'Disgraceful & Diabolical', adding: 'shame on @amazon & @AmazonHelp for selling these door mats'. 

But others mocked the eventual removal.

Conservative talk show host Phil Valentine tweeted: 'Amazon caves to pressure to remove allah doormats. What happened to "if you're offended don't buy it"?'

Amazon's terms and conditions prohibit the selling of items 'that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views'.

It reserves the right to remove those items that do not comply.

That a British politician brought the controversy to the public eye will be especially embarrassing for Amazon.

This Christmas it released a much-trumpeted UK TV advert promoting 'inter-faith selfnessness' in which a Christian vicar and Muslim cleric buy each other knee-pads so that they can both pray more comfortably.


Dormats with Christian themes were not removed

Facebook's Transformation to 'Fakebook'

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been hammered by leftists over the past several weeks for not doing a more thorough job of censoring “fake news” that supposedly helped propel Donald Trump to victory over Hillary Clinton. In other words, Leftmedia news outlets deem any news — especially conservative news — that is outside of the leftwing, socialist umbrella as unworthy to read.

But as National Review’s Jim Geraghty quips, “[I]t’s a little rich to hear the sudden media-wide panic over "fake news.” Just ask Dan Rather about those memos. Or ask Brian Williams about his war stories. Or ask Rolling Stone about those ritualistic gang rapes on the University of Virginia’s campus.“ And the list goes on.

What to do to counter this pressure? Facebook is now gearing up to change how it pushes news to users. The company that was built by millions of Americans and billions of people worldwide is looking to use a tool that allows it to push curated articles from "valid sources” to the news feed of its users. The aim of this new tool is to cut back on the “fake news” in order to provide its users with “reliable and valuable content.”

Zuckerberg, who days after the election commented that he didn’t think “fake news” contributed to Trump’s success, has since changed his tune. He announced that there will be new policies coming forth to “help identify and crack down on the spread of fake news, including writing algorithms that can automatically detect false content, placing warning labels on news that may be fake, and allowing users to flag content they find suspicious on their own.”

Facebook’s new feature is called “Collections” and it will function similar to Snapchat’s Discover section, which “showcases” news stories, videos and other content by handpicked media outlets.

These handpicked outlets are of course full of leftist drivel, and they hope to use Facebook as a means of pushing their content and their content only. Advertising on users' news feeds will no doubt increase as well, which will in turn bring revenues to both Facebook and the major media outlets.

So instead of making any attempt to implement objective journalism that reports the facts, major media will be pimping social media to help spew propoganda. As discouraging as this may be to many readers who enjoy using Facebook and other social media, the reality is that the leftist propaganda machines are simply taking things to the next level. Meanwhile, we in our humble shop and those who fight on our side will continue to relentlessly counter this horrible ideology with the message of Liberty.


Wednesday, December 07, 2016

If you have found that Indians or Asians make better cleaners, you must not mention that

A cinema has been slammed on social media after a job ad said an Indian or Asian was preferred for a contract cleaner position.

The Gumtree advertisement was posted on Sunday for the job of cleaning 12 Event cinemas on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

A subcontractor was sacked for posting the racist ad asking for someone to work at Maroochydore, the Sunshine Coast Daily reports.

'This is cleaning of cinemas in Maroochydore Event Cinemas - 12 cinemas, seven days a week is $900 a week. Prefer Indian or Asian, no experience needed,' it said.

Australian Regional Media said the ad was taken down on the same day it was posted after critical comments were posted on Birch, Carroll and Coyle Maroochydore's Facebook page.

A man, who only wished to be known as Ken, said he sacked the subcontractor for placing the ad, only three months after hiring him.


Another golliwog fuss

TOOWOOMBA has been dubbed the “most racist city in Australia” after a display of nine golliwog dolls appeared at a Terry Whites Chemist store in Clifford Gardens.

The dolls were placed underneath a sign inviting shoppers to “Experience a white Christmas”, in a move that’s been slammed by Indigenous activists.

Author and activist Stephen Hagan, who famously campaigned against the “N*gger Brown Stand” in 1999, said the display was offensive.

“Toowoomba is the most racist city in Australia,” he told the Sunshine Coast Daily. “Words can’t describe this behaviour in the 21st century. I can understand it in the 1960s but to do it today is inexcusable.”

The store’s Managing Partner Alwyn Baumann offered an “unreserved apology” in a statement, saying the store had made a “regrettable error” with the display dolls, which they will “not stock in future”.

A spokesman for the store clarified the connection between the dolls and the sign was completely unintentional.

Golliwogs are considered offensive due to their history as a blackface motif, in which people of colour are depicted as comically idiotic and as plantation slaves.


The accusation that the city is the “most racist city in Australia” is just an off the cuff comment by a known whiner.  It has no statistical basis.  Golliwog controversies keep cropping up thoughout the English speaking world as a result of attempts by Leftists to make something offensive out of a children's popular soft toy. I had a golliwog myself as a kid over 60 years ago

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Must not mock Hillary

An 81-year-old Rhode Island store owner has come under fire on social media for dangling a 'lyin' Hillary Clinton doll from what customers described as a 'noose'.

Customers have slammed Tony Polseno Jr, the owner of Pleasant View Orchards store in Smithfield, for the controversial display of the pant-suited plush toy near a Donald Trump election campaign sign.

He said a customer purchased the doll online and gave it to him, so he decided to hang it from his wall.

The doll makes statements that include, 'Not a single one of my emails was classified,' when it's squeezed.

It also says 'I don't believe I ever lied — to the public' and 'When I got off the plane in Bosnia I had to dodge sniper fire,' the Providence Journal reported.

Yelp and Facebook commenters are offended by the doll's placement.

Polseno's wife, Camella, told the Journal the couple have received at least one harassing  message.

The 'Lyin' Hillary Doll' sold out the day after the election, the Journal reported.


Trump Suggests Revocation of Citizenship, Jail Time for Flag Burners

Calling flag burning "speech" is ridiculous.  It's just another Leftist distortion of the plain meaning of words.  With Trump's new appointments to SCOTUS some sanity may return

Trump spokesman Jason Miller told CNN this morning that flag-burning is not constitutionally protected speech. "Flag burning should be illegal," Miller said. "The president-elect is a very strong supporter of the First Amendment, but there's a big difference between that and burning the American flag."

The Supreme Court ruled in Texas v. Johnson (1989) and United States v. Eichman (1990) that flag-burning was free speech protected by the First Amendment. The latter case ruled that a congressional bill to ban torching the Stars and Stripes was unconstitutional.

Late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who referred to himself as an "originalist," defended the right to burn the American flag.

"If I were king, I would not allow people to go around burning the American flag -- however, we have a First Amendment which says that the right of free speech shall not be abridged -- and it is addressed in particular to speech critical of the government," Scalia told CNN in 2012.

"I mean, that was the main kind of speech that tyrants would seek to suppress," he added. "Burning the flag is a form of expression -- speech doesn't just mean written words or oral words -- burning a flag is a symbol that expresses an idea. 'I hate the government, the government is unjust,' or whatever."


Monday, December 05, 2016

Must not belong to a church that is critical of homosexuality

The latest intolerant lynching comes from the Internet’s leading “lolcat” gif distributor, BuzzFeed, which occasionally takes a stab at journalism. The site unearthed a “shocking” possibility about two HGTV superstars with the headline, “Chip and Joanna Gaines' Church Is Firmly Against Same-Sex Marriage.”

What’s so shocking about Christians holding the orthodox view that homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage are sinful? Nothing, but from the Rainbow Mafia’s perspective, this “intolerant” belief must not be tolerated or allowed to go unpunished.

But what’s the story here? A lovable Christian couple with a hugely popular fixer-upper show may believe something — that has never been mentioned on the show — that the Left deems offensive. Clearly, this hit piece was designed not to report a story, but to threaten a popular couple should they not disavow beliefs the Left finds reprehensible. Buzzfeed is merely acting as the thought police.

The template for this is simple. Back in 2014, the Benham Brothers, who own a successful real estate company in North Carolina and happened to be conservative Christians, were fired from HGTV after the Rainbow Mafia bullied the network. BuzzFeed knows they can foment a major “issue” because HGTV is so otherwise flamboyantly “gay.”


Must not mention to a black that he is black

Harry Potter actress Miriam Margolyes has sparked outrage after 'humiliating a black fan at an autograph signing, telling him: 'Jews and blacks, they get a discount'.

The Bafta-winning star made the comments while signing photographs for £5 at the London Film Convention.

The 75-year-old, who played Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter series of films, was filmed saying to one man: 'I'm giving you a discount because you're black'.

The acting veteran, who herself is Jewish, has earlier joked 'can't you afford five quid?' as he took a photograph of her.

The woman who filmed the exchange, told The Sun: 'There were lots of us stood around taking photos but he was the only man who was black.

'She singled him out absolutely. Then she made that quip about Jews and blacks and everyone was just staring at the ground and looking embarrassed.

'I recognised the man she targeted from other events and he looked humiliated.'


Sunday, December 04, 2016

France Debates Bill to Criminalize Online Pro-Life Advocacy

French lawmakers on Thursday will debate and vote on a Socialist government-backed draft law that could criminalize online pro-life advocacy. The legislation would extend the ambit of already-illegal “interference” in abortion to cover digital media.

Any website carrying material that is deemed to be “deliberately misleading, intimidating and/or exerting psychological or moral pressure” aimed at persuading a mother not to abort her child could face criminal charges, with punishments of two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros ($31,800).

A Catholic archbishop has called the move “a very serious attack on the principles of democracy.”

Supporters, including Families Minister Laurence Rossignol, say the goal is to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate or biased information, but critics view the wording as vague and dangerous.

“One could hardly be vaguer in the description,” argues Gregor Puppinck, director of the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ) – an international affiliate of the Virginia Beach-based American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) – which opposes the initiative.

“It is difficult to understand how the mere consulting of a website information page could obstruct the practice of an abortion or the information about it,” he said in an article Wednesday. “This vague crime is opened to the most extensive interpretations.”

Puppinck says that that clearly violates a French Constitutional Council ruling that legislation must define crimes “in terms precise and clear enough to exclude arbitrary decisions.”

France legalized abortion on demand until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy – or what is known officially as “voluntary interruption of pregnancy” (L’interruption volontaire de grossesse or IVG) – in 1975.

In 1993 another law was passed, creating the offense of hindering or interfering in an abortion – aimed at preventing pro-life activists from physically blocking access to, or occupying or otherwise targeting abortion facilities.

The law was later broadened to cover “moral and psychological pressure” aimed at dissuading abortion, and the legislation now under consideration seeks to widen that further into the digital realm.

In the new law’s crosshairs are websites like, which offers counselling, practical support, and resources that include information about medical and psychological risks entailed in having an abortion.

The French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s official abortion website warns women about sites of that nature.

“Some websites that you find via search engines will tell you that they offer neutral and medical information but are actually edited by anti-abortion activists,” it says.

“They are sometimes hard to recognize but beware systematically sites and hotlines devoting a large part of their content to motherhood and supposed complications and injuries from abortion.”

The government site instead recommends a handful of – hardly neutral – websites, including that of the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s French affiliate, Planning Familial, one run by a national association of abortion clinics, and a feminist blog that includes a searchable database of abortion clinics across France.

A posting published on the website rejected the notion that it would deliberately mislead by offering disinformation.

“Our information and prevention efforts for women cannot be disparaged so rudely,” it said, protesting against what it called a “scandalous attempt to muzzle us and stigmatize us by undermining our moral integrity.”

Going further, identified what it called “eight lies” on the government website, such as the assertion that there are no post-abortion psychological consequences.

(Update:  The French National Assembly on Thursday adopted the controversial bill, with the support of leftists and a majority of centrists, while right wing lawmakers opposed it. The measure now goes to the Senate. Family Minister Laurence Rossignol argued during the debate that “freedom of expression should not be confused with manipulating minds.”)


Australia: Freedom fighters stop free speech. Surprised?

The Fascism of the modern Left again

Melbourne-based group Jews against fascism claims to be standing up for freedom. But stamping out free speech and intimidating fellow Australians are tactics direct from the fascist playbook.

Conservative Jewish gym owner Avi Yemini had every right to invite One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts to speak at a meeting in Caulfield.

And no surprises for guessing the topics that were likely to be discussed: Islamic immigration, repeal of s18C, Halal certification, and the rest. All fairly mainline topics in conversations around the nation.

You are perfectly free to make up your own mind on any of these issues. Surely the best way of doing so is to listen to opposing points of view and weigh the arguments.

But Yemini’s plans have collapsed into a catfight complete with flying fur, hissing and teeth. Glen Eira — where 4 out of 9 councillors are Jewish — revoked permission for the event.

That, in turn, provoked Roberts to accuse the councillors of anti-Semitism; and then peak Jewish group, the Anti-Defamation Commission, weighed in on the side of the council. It’s a mess.

Victorian Police say they “respect the right of the community to express their views peacefully and lawfully.” But now they’ve pulled the plug saying they can’t guarantee the safety of attendees.

 On Facebook, Jews against fascism brag — without irony — that they’ve won a great victory for freedom. “We organised against fascism and we won.” Pardon?

In their totalitarian contempt for free speech and for democracy, and in their demagogic drive to stamp out any dissenting views, it is Jews against fascism who are behaving like true fascists.

Whatever you think of Avi Yemini, the man was doing nothing illegal. And One Nation polled nearly 600,000 votes at the federal election. Hanson and Roberts are legally entitled to their Senate seats.

But fascists are quick to identify those they brand the enemy. In Hitler’s Germany it was the Jews who were the enemy, and the engine of the Nazi state was soon turned against them.

When fascists catch the enemy’s scent, they won’t allow the rule of law to obstruct their hunt. They are contemptuous of democracy and insist on total obedience to their own cause.

Violence, intimidation, threats to personal safety, and vilification are all tactics regularly used by fascists to get their own way and to grind down the resistance of their opponents.

And that is precisely how Jews against fascism have won their great ‘victory’ for ‘freedom.’ Even the police gave up on enforcing the law to defend the right of ordinary citizens to meet publicly.

Intolerance is on the march — but it is wearing the disguise of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’, professing to be concerned only with securing justice and peace.

It’s a lie, of course. The Left is doubling down for a long fight to defeat what it claims to be the capitalist tyranny of hatred and oppression — a fight it is determined to win.

Once victory is secured, it will build a new tyranny of its own. Who will fight against that?


Friday, December 02, 2016

Web Hosting Company Shuts Down Conservative Site Boycotting Target Stores

The conservative group 2ndVote has called for a boycott on Christmas shopping at the retail giant Target over its bathroom policies. But on Nov. 23, Leadpages, the company hosting the #AnywhereButTARGET boycott campaign’s website, sent 2ndVote an email requesting the page be taken down.

In his email to 2ndVote, Leadpages’ director of operations, Doug Storbeck, stated that the campaign website violated the company’s terms of service, specifically, the portion prohibiting any content that is “hateful or discriminatory based on race, color, sex, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or age or is otherwise objectionable.”

In his email to 2ndVote, Storbeck also wrote:

At Leadpages, we strive to create an inclusive workplace that upholds the dignity of all people. We value, respect, and celebrate everyone’s individualities and honor their unique strengths from all different walks of life.

“Leadpages must have sensed our campaign was gaining momentum so they resorted to the typical liberal bully tactics of shutting down and censoring ideas they don’t agree with and calling them ‘hateful’ or ‘discriminatory,’” Robert Kuykendall, 2ndVote’s director of communications, said in a statement.  “Apparently, Leadpages wanted to use the cover of Thanksgiving Day thinking they could quietly make #AnywhereButTARGET disappear.”

“Liberals who constantly tout tolerance and inclusion go out of their way to shut down ideas they disagree with” Lance Wray, executive director at 2ndVote, said in a statement.  “To say our campaign is about inequality, intolerance, hate, discrimination, or devaluing anyone is flat wrong, it’s about common sense and safety. But, some of the truest hate and intolerance we’ve seen has come from the liberal responses to our campaign.”


Twitter 'verifies' Muslim Brotherhood while expelling conservatives

Social media users have long considered Twitter's coveted blue check mark an online status symbol.

While formally used as a way to visually display that Twitter has confirmed a given user's identity, marketing specialists say that the little blue check mark is immense advantage to promoting one's brand and message.

 Twitter says verified accounts are those viewed as being in the "public interest," and emphasizes "users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas."

It's no wonder then, that social media erupted when it was discovered that the Twitter decided to verify @Ikhwanweb, the official twitter handle of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Critics have rightly pointed out that @Ikhwanweb has been used by the Muslim Brotherhood to promote violence, including publishing a 2015 call for violent jihad and "martyrdom," and spreads anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, and anti-Western hatred online.

Yet while Twitter has failed against Islamic extremists, it's proven remarkably effective at purging right-wing voices with which it apparently disagrees.

As an example, Twitter notably yanked the same blue checkmark from Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos in January of this year before finally permanently banning the online provocateur.

Twitter argues that verification does not represent an endorsement but their use of revoking verification as a form of punishment against those with whom it disagrees belies the fact.

Twitter has also successfully purged controversial "alt-right" twitter accounts from its platform, leading Hollywood actor James Woods, a noted conservative with an active twitter following, to announce he would quit the social media platform over what he regarded as censorship.


Thursday, December 01, 2016

Must not refer to normal family division of labor

Culture Secretary Karen Bradley slapped down a Tory MP today after he told MPs that men in his constituency coach football teams while women wash the kits.

Kettering MP Philip Hollobone raised eyebrows when he made the comments during an urgent question in the Commons on the sex abuse scandal engulfing football.

He said: 'In a place like Kettering, football is 95 per cent of voluntary activity - the players, the coaches.

'And it's basically the dads who are the coaches and the mums who wash the team kit.'

His comments sparked outraged gasps among some MPs

Ms Bradley joked: 'I'm also aware of many husbands who are very good at washing the dishes and making sure that they make the food, I'm sure my husband, if watching this, will be concerned if I didn't put that on the record.'


Leftist hate

Many Hillary Clinton voters have ceased communicating with friends, and even family members, who voted for Donald Trump. It is so common that The New York Times published a front-page article on the subject headlined, “Political Divide Splits Relationships — and Thanksgiving, Too.”

The article begins with three stories:

“Matthew Horn, a software engineer from Boulder, Colo., canceled Christmas plans with his family in Texas. Nancy Sundin, a social worker in Spokane, Wash., has called off Thanksgiving with her mother and brother. Ruth Dorancy, a software designer in Chicago, decided to move her wedding so that her fiance’s grandmother and aunt, strong Trump supporters from Florida, could not attend.”

The Times acknowledges that this phenomenon is one-sided, saying, “Democrats have dug in their heels, and in some cases are refusing to sit across the table from relatives who voted for President-elect Donald J. Trump.”

A number of people who voted for Trump called my show to tell me that their daughters had informed them that they would no longer allow their parents to see their grandchildren. And one man sent me an email reporting that his brother-in-law’s mother told him that she “no longer had a son.”

All of this raises an obvious question: Why is this phenomenon of cutting off contact with friends and relatives so one-sided? Why don’t we hear about conservatives shunning friends and relatives who supported Hillary Clinton? After all, almost every conservative considered Clinton to be ethically and morally challenged. And most believed that another four years of left-wing rule would complete what Barack Obama promised he would do in 2008 if he were elected president — “fundamentally (transform) the United States of America.”

In other words, conservatives were not one whit less fearful of Clinton and the Democrats than Democrats were of Trump and Republicans.

Yet virtually no conservatives cut off contact with friends, let alone parents, who supported Clinton.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

UK: Darts legend Eric Bristow has caused uproar after a series of insensitive tweets about the ongoing football sex abuse scandal

The MBE, known as The Crafty Cockney, went on the rampage saying that if he had been abused by ex-youth football coach Barry Bennell he would have 'sorted that poof out'.

The series of posts drew fierce criticism, including from Steve Walters, one of the former footballers to have spoken out about his abuse at the hands of the convicted paedophile and former Crewe coach.

So far more than 20 former footballers have come forward alleging they were victims of child abuse as junior players.

In a series of tweets tonight, Bristow, who appeared in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2012, said: 'Might be a looney but if some football coach was touching me when i was a kid as i (sic) got older i would have went back and sorted that poof out.

'U got to sought him out when u get older or dont look in the mirror glad i am a dart player proper men.

'Trouble is nowadays u cant tell the truth what do u feel out there tweet me.

'Everybody that works on tv is frightened to say the truth because they are frightened to lose their job, life shouldnt be like that.'


Sounds like there are still some manly men left in Britain.  "Sort him out" means to give him the bashing he deserves

Is Donald Trump a racist?

By Casey Lartigue Jr. (Lartigue is a black American journalist)

Leading up to the US presidential election, there were news reports about white supremacists supporting a candidate. Yes, in 2008, white supremacist David Duke said Barack Obama as president would be "a visual aid" and "indisputable proof" that whites had lost control of the U.S.

I was then a regular commentator on National Public Radio's "News and Notes," the man-bites-dog topic of our Roundtable discussion on August 13, 2008: "White Supremacists Voting For Obama?"

Fast-forward eight years, Donald Trump is replacing Obama in the White House and as the poster boy for racists angling to make themselves newsworthy.

White hate groups have lost relevance, but they know how to market themselves to media focused on conflict and crazies. Reflecting eight years later: Did white supremacists recruit well during the Obama years? Should voters have been concerned about their endorsement? Although Americans tell pollsters that the country is headed in the wrong direction, Obama, the most visual aid of hate groups, remains popular in polls and easily won re-election in 2012.

It is now an American ritual to charge presidential candidates as being racist. In 2012, Democrat vice-president Joe Biden said Republican nominee Mitt Romney wanted to put black people "back in chains."

In 2008, the Republican ticket of McCain/Palin was accused of "racist fear-mongering."

In 2000, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) ran an ad tying Republican candidate George W. Bush to the dragging death of a black man in Texas.

In 1996, Republican candidate Bob Dole was accused of providing "aid and comfort" to racists with his tough talk.

During the 1980s, Republican Ronald Reagan was allegedly turning back the clock to slavery and his successor George H. W. Bush was a kinder, gentler bigot using racist code language.

Even Democrat Bill Clinton briefly had some explaining to do, for not opposing use of the Confederate flag as governor of Arkansas and because of his close relationship to segregationist J. William Fulbright (yes, the Fulbright Program bears his name).

It will upset those grieving over the 2016 election, but I do not believe Donald Trump is a racist. Insensitive, combative, arrogant, yes, but being politically uncouth does not mean racist.

Trump's critics point to a 1970's discrimination suit filed against Trump's company, his campaign against young black men (falsely) accused of rape in Central Park, and numerous incendiary comments.

Trump struck the nest of angry bees ready to attack. He will need to feed the swarm some honey by instructing the Justice Department to investigate hate groups.

Critics who see racism spelled in their morning cereal are likely to see racism even in sensible things Trump does. Trump has nominated a school choice advocate as his secretary of education. I briefly met Betsy Devos years ago, she is an education reformer who is for change, and she will not change the subject. The Black Alliance for Educational Options immediately hailed her nomination.

George Mason University economist Walter Williams has said, "If the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan wanted to sabotage black academic excellence, he could not devise a more effective way of doing so than the schools serving black children."

Black high school graduates read and do math at the level of white and Asian middle school children, have much higher dropout rates, and attend dangerous public schools. You may disagree with charters and vouchers, but is increasing educational choices for children in bad situations the work of an undercover white supremacist?

I predicted Trump would defeat Clinton, I believe he will be an adequate president, and hope he will come to his senses with some of his proposed policies. His harsh campaign language may have been his bargaining tactic with international leaders. As a businessman who has negotiated incredible deals over the past four decades, is he really for cutting off trade and possible deals?

Ah, the point is not to reason with or about Trump. The rioters and strategists trying to block Trump's inauguration will find out in four to eight years that he did not destroy the U.S. or the world.

By then, they will be accusing another candidate of being racist and quoting white supremacists trying to make themselves look relevant.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Must not disrespect Mrs Obama

An Alabama police officer has been fired for sharing racist memes, including one about Michelle Obama.

Talladega Police Officer Joel Husk was terminated Wednesday for violating the department’s social media and code of conduct policies, City Manager Patrick Bryant said.

Husk had posted several memes on his Facebook page, including one showing Obama and Melania Trump. “Fluent in Slovenian, English, French, Serbian, and German,” it said over Trump’s photo. Over Obama’s, it read: “Fluent in Ghetto.”

Bryant, the city manager, said statements that are “deemed to be biased or racially insensitive or derogatory” can affect the community’s trust in the police department and, when that happens, “we have to take action to correct it.”

“As public employees, and especially law enforcement officers, we have a standard of excellence to uphold,” Bryant told The Washington Post.


Must not use the Holocaust in a work of entertainment

It must be remembered only in solemn ways

The wife of Vladimir Putin's spokesman caused outrage after performing a holocaust- themed ice skating performance.

Tatyana Navka and her partner Andrew Burkovsjy take each other's hands and start their routine - which features a mime of people being shot - wearing the same striped pyjamas as death camp prisoners, complete with the Star Of David emblazoned on to show that they are Jewish.

The pair were competing on the Russian television programme Ice Age.

Ms Navka, who won Winter Olympic gold in 2006 and is also a two-time world champion,  is married to Dmitry Peskov, Putin's chief spin doctor.

For much of the hit, the pair have beaming grins on their face that are typical of ice skating, and do spins and twirls that appear to have little in connection with their gruesome theme.

The Saturday night peak time Nazi-themed item was said to be based on the Italian movie Life is Beautiful, a 1997 tragicomedy about an Italian-Jewish man's fight to survive in a Nazi concentration camp.

Navka posted images of the performance on her Instagram account and wrote that she hoped to pay remembrance to the Holocaust so future generations would never have to experience anything so terrible.


Monday, November 28, 2016

"Cultural appropriation" in Canada

A group of students at Queen’s University is the target of vitriolic attacks for attending an off-campus costume party at which the theme was “Countries of the World.” Among other things, the mostly white participants dressed up as Buddhist monks, Middle Eastern sheiks, Viet Cong fighters and Rastafarians.

Toronto comedian Celeste Yim came across pictures from the event and was immediately incensed, branding the behaviour of the students “shockingly racist” “offensive” and “tasteless.” Things went crazy from there. Predictably, the Queen’s administration quickly condemned the party, and said it was investigating.

To which I ask: Investigating what?

When did going to a costume party become a racist activity? I’ve attended many in my life, certainly lots in my twenties, where people of varied ethnic backgrounds (and sometimes not) dressed up in all sorts of crazy ways, depicting people of all racial makeups. A friend who is black once donned Lederhosen for an Oktoberfest bash. Today that would be cultural theft, I suppose.

Should I have felt wronged when a neighbour of Chinese descent showed up for a Halloween party dressed as a “Canadian hoser,” replete with red plaid over-shirt, tuque, and a couple of missing front teeth? I doubt there was a soul in the house thinking, “Way to perpetuate a negative stereotype.”

I understand that lines can be crossed; jokes, sometimes in the form of costumes, fall flat or are just plain offensive. At the same time, I think we need to be extremely careful about making a distinct connection between what we witnessed at Queen’s and overt racism.


Must not hint that illegals mostly do humble work

Kelly Osbourne can't ditch the label "racist" after she made insensitive remarks about Latinos on "The View."

Osbourne penned a letter in her upcoming memoir "There Is No F---ing Secret," titled, "Dear Racists," where she addresses comments she made on the "The View" about Latinos cleaning toilets.

"If you kick every Latino out of this country, who's going to clean your toilets, Donald Trump?" she said during the Aug. 2015 episode.

The 32-year-old reality TV star is adamant she got cut off before getting across her full point, but notes that no one would believe her anyway, she told Entertainment Weekly.

When Osbourne made her comment, co-host Rosie Perez quickly interjected to denounce the remarks before Osbourne was instantly berated on social media as a racist.


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Criminals must not be called offenders any more, says Scottish Government

How about "ex-cons"?

Criminals released from prison will no longer be called “offenders” in the Scottish criminal justice system under controversial plans to make them feel more welcome in communities.

SNP ministers have called on organisations working with ex-prisoners and people who have completed community sentences to use the terms “person with convictions” or “person with an offending history” instead.

In a new strategy designed to reduce Scotland’s high prison population and drive down reoffending rates, the Scottish government insisted that renaming “offenders” would support reintegration and reduce stigma.

It has ordered partner organisations working in criminal justice to “be aware of the power of language” and use “inclusive” terms for people after they have paid their debt to society.

Criminologists backed the move


UK: In defence of Honey G

Anna Gilford (aka Honey G) caused a mini media storm when she hit the stage at this year’s X Factor auditions, performing Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It’. The white, middle-class 35-year-old from the north-west London suburbs appeared sporting a shiny tracksuit-top, mirror shades and a baseball cap.

Before you could say Straight Outta Harrow, the liberal commentariat was accusing her of ‘mocking black culture’, and labelling her ‘racist’. The singer Lily Allen said Honey G was ‘offensive’, and rapper Professor Green claimed Gilford’s character was ‘an injustice’. The Guardian went into overdrive, describing Honey G as a ‘disturbing cultural phenomena’.

According to Lola Okolosie, Honey G is a ‘modern-day blackface’ that highlights ‘how race really operates in post-Brexit UK’.
But these self-righteous critics aren’t standing up to racism – they’re trivialising it, and turning culture into something sacred and static in the process.

I spent most of my teen years listening to ska and reggae bands like The Specials, The Beat and UB40. I appreciated that these bands were from the Midlands, not Jamaica. But I was struck by their ability to embrace the music of the Caribbean, despite not hailing from that part of the world. Their music was ‘cultural appropriation’, but it was also British cultural diversity at its best.

If those bands appeared now they’d no doubt be attacked for their Eurocentric imitation of black music. As Frank Furedi has noted on spiked, cultural borrowing is viewed today by ‘cultural crusaders’ not as a universal form of human co-operation and appreciation, something to be encouraged, but as a form of cultural theft that must be reined in or censored. For these crusaders, culture is owned solely by the people it originated with. This idea undermines universal values, our common humanity.

If so-called cultural appropriation is painted as so problematic, solidarity and understanding between people of different backgrounds and cultures becomes all but impossible.


Friday, November 25, 2016

"Why can’t I talk about the facts?" asks an Australian government minister

IMMIGRATION minister Peter Dutton won’t step back from his comments regarding a small portion of the Lebanese Muslim community.

Australians were “sick” of over the top political correctness, the Minister told media after a Greens Senator said his comments might be factual but they weren’t “productive”.

Mr Dutton rejected suggestions his comments were whipping up racism. Instead, he blamed the “tricky elite”, Opposition leader Bill Shorten and Greens MPs for making the remarks a big deal to win political points.

“I want to have an honest discussion,” he said. “The vast majority of Lebanese Australians are law-abiding, hard working, good decent people who are besmirched by the small element within the community who are doing the wrong thing. “I made that clear.”

Earlier, Greens Senator Nick McKim had attacked Mr Dutton for telling politicians in Question Time on Monday 22 out of the last 33 people charged with terrorist-related offences in Australia were from a second and third generational Lebanese-Muslim background.

“Undoubtedly the advice he’s got is accurate but just because something is fact doesn’t mean that it’s reasonable or productive to talk about it,” Senator McKim said on Sky News.

“What we’ve got is a deliberate attack from Mr Dutton by quoting these numbers on a particular subsection of the Australian community.”

Mr Dutton had been clarifying this comment to a Sky News interview last week: “The reality is Malcolm Fraser did make mistakes in bringing some people in the 1970s and we’re seeing that today.”

On Thursday, Mr Dutton questioned why he couldn’t talk about facts. “Mr McKim gave the game away today when he said ‘What Dutton has said is factual and reasonable but shouldn’t be spoken about’,” he said. “Australians are sick of that. “They want to have an honest discussion.”


Must not disapprove of Hillary Clinton

A Florida shopping mall has formally apologized to a family and placed its Santa in “counseling” after the man jokingly told a little girl Hillary Clinton was on his “naughty list.”

The man, who has not been named, was working as a mall Santa at the Seminole Towne Center in Sanford, Florida.

After a 10-year-old girl told him what she wanted for Christmas, the Santa informed her she was on his “nice list.”

“Do you know who is on my naughty list? Hillary Clinton,” he then allegedly said.

The girl’s mother complained to mall officials.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Allegations from the past about Jeff Sessions

President-elect Donald Trump has picked Sessions for the job of attorney general so the following unsubstantiated allegations have been re-animated by the media

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony during hearings in March and May 1986, that Sessions had made racist remarks and called the NAACP and ACLU "un-American."

Thomas Figures, a black assistant US attorney who worked for Sessions, testified that Sessions called him "boy" on multiple occasions and joked about the Ku Klux Klan, saying that he thought Klan members were "OK, until he learned that they smoked marijuana."

On why he never spoke up against Sessions' alleged use of the term, Figures testified: "I felt that if I had said anything or reacted in a manner in which I thought appropriate, I thought I would be fired."

Sessions angrily denied the allegations at the time. His office did not respond to a recent request for comment.


If the allegations were true how come Sessions fought the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama and  desegregated schools?  What should we believe?  Unsubstantiated allegations or his actual deeds?

British actress cleared over "disrespectful" mention of Kunta Kinte

In female haircare circles, having "roots" refers to blonded hair wich has grown out, showing its natural dark roots

An episode of Coronation Street which sparked hundreds of complaints over claims of racism did not breach the broadcasting code, the TV watchdog has ruled. 

Ofcom investigated an episode broadcast on ITV in August in which a character described her hair as having 'more roots than Kunta Kinte'.

The remark refers to Roots, the novel by American author Alex Haley, which features an 18th century African slave of that name. A 1977 TV miniseries based on the book was a global sensation.

The comment sparked an online backlash, with outraged viewers branding it 'racist' and 'culturally insensitive'. Ofcom also received 472 complaints about the episode.

The 'Kunta Kinte' remark was made as the character Eva Price, played by Catherine Tyldesley, 32, paid a visit to a hair salon.  Looking in the mirror at her dyed hair, she said: 'I have more roots than Kunta Kinte. No idea who that is, by the way, just something my mum used to say.'


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Hamilton" as cultural appropriation

"Hamilton" is a frenetic Broadway musical play that attempts to rewrite history.  There is a discussion of it here.  It aroused controversy when one of its actors used it to spout common Leftist complaints to the  Vice President elect when he was in the audience for a performance. He was not allowed to peacefully enjoy the show

The story is set in the early days of  American independence.  Leftists love it, mainly, as far as I can gather, because it has black actors playing white historical figures.

But isn't that cultural appropriation?  If it is angrily abused cultural appropriation when whites act like various minorities,  why is it not cultural appropriation when blacks play whites?  That nobody in fact objects is just the usual Leftist hypocrisy as far as I can see.  Leftists have no lasting principles, just poses that suit the moment.

I particularly dislike "modern" versions of traditional plays and operas.  I like the actors to appear in the costumes of the period and before backdrops that represent scenes of the period.  So I wouldn't go to see "Hamilton" if you paid me.

And I guess that there might be a lot of that reaction among conservatives generally. I think it comes down to conservatives being at ease with reality while Leftists either want to deny, denounce or distort it. So that may be part of the reason why Trump and some other conservatives were irritable about the show.

Another reason is that American conservatives and, to a degree, Americans generally, tend to be respectful of their founding fathers.  So to represent them by black men prancing around in hip-hop singing and dancing routines appears disrespectful and jarring -- and was probably meant to be disrespectful and jarring.  So Trump and many others would have been primed to dislike anything to do with the show, hence the complaints about it.

Australian Leftist politician says paternalistic things to a conservative woman politician

Cameron is a former Scottish unionist, and there are no more bitter haters than they

The Left of the Labor Party claim they have the moral authority on most issues, but particularly women’s issues, including sexism, women’s rights and equal opportunity in the workplace.

Think of Labor’s feminist warriors, including Deputy Labor Leader Tanya Plibersek and senior frontbencher Penny Wong. Some women look up to these politicians to call out wrongs perpetrated against women.

Neither are shrinking violets and both of them are from the Left.

But where was the outrage last night - and indeed today - about what their fellow Left factional warrior Doug Cameron said to Employment Minister Michaelia Cash while the Senate was debating the Registered Organisation Commission Bill.

“Senator Cormann, I know you have to be there to hold the Minister’s hand,” Senator Cameron said.

“So maybe just hold the Minister’s hand and stop interjecting, would be a good start. That would be a good start.”

“The Minister can’t handle the Bill on her own … She needs Senator Cormann there to chaperone her through this Bill. I’ve never see this before with a senior minister in the Government.”

Basically, Senator Cameron accused Senator Cash of needing a man beside her to do a job properly.

Can you imagine the outrage if Immigration Minister Peter Dutton or Treasurer Scott Morrison said this? The feminazis would be lining up to attack such a ridiculous comment.

But where are they today? No where.

I know politics is robust and requires a thick skin but if we want women to be treated fairly and with respect than this rubbish needs to be called out. Senator Cameron, you should be ashamed of yourself.

But more than that, the shame sits more heavily on the women in the Chamber who said nothing while he spewed his ridiculous comments.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Leftist hate speech keeps coming

The hater below is of Hispanic origins

A Democrat congressman told the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday that the next president of the United States is a bigot, a demagogue, a liar, a sexual predator and a con artist.

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) said in a floor speech at the end of the day’s proceedings that President-elect Donald Trump could not be treated like any other politician or like any other Republican.

“Because he is not. Trump represents something much more dangerous,” he said. “While none of us want to be in this case, we have a duty to treat him like the threat that he is – a threat to our values, a threat to our people, and a threat to our national identity.”

Gallego noted that Trump is 70 years old, and he said it was unrealistic to expect him to change.

Gallego then called Trump, in turn, a “sexual predator,” “a demagogue,” “a bigot,” “a liar” and a “con artist.”

In each case the epithet was accompanied by a brief reference to incidents that arose during the campaign – including claims of sexual assault about Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan’s criticism of his remarks about a Mexican-American judge, and Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz’ criticisms of Trump’s character during the GOP primary .

Gallego said Trump would not be an ordinary president. “Rather than helping him protect the country, we must protect the country from the new president.”

After further criticism of Trump’s actions, policies, business activities, and transition-related controversies, Gallego concluded by saying many shared the “fervent hope” that the president-elect does not govern the same way as he has campaigned.

“Here in Congress, however, we cannot afford to give him that benefit of the doubt. We must not lift a finger to help him scam our country,” he said. “We must instead put every effort into stopping him.”

Gallego, a former member of the Arizona House of Representatives, was elected to the U.S. Congress in 2014. He is a former U.S. Marine and Iraq War veteran, and serves on the House Armed Services Committee.


TV reporter fired after writing Facebook post praising Donald Trump

A TEXAS television reporter is out of a job after she criticised President Obama and praised President-elect Donald Trump on her personal Facebook page — claiming the country went “downhill” under the outgoing commander-in-chief.

Scarlett Fakhar said she was recently canned from her local news gig at Fox in Houston for posting last week that she was “happy and relieved” over Trump’s unexpected White House win.

Fakhar had said in the post, which has since been deleted, that Obama made the “entire county hate one another” and claimed God “had a hand” in the election. She also said she could “barely sleep from how happy and relieved she was” after Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

“Fox 26 Houston fired me today for expressing my conservative views on my private Facebook page,” Fakhar posted Thursday. “That is all I will say for you. But I want you to know how much your support has gotten me through this. God bless you all.”

A spokesman for KRIV confirmed to The Post that Fakhar, 25, was no longer with the station, but declined further comment.


Note: Fakhar is a Pakistani name.  Care in pronouncing it would be advisable, I imagine

Monday, November 21, 2016

Leftist censorship never stops

Fake news became a major problem during the tail end of the election, leading Google and Facebook to ban fake news sites from using their ad platforms. However, because we all know someone who’s fallen for a fake news story, Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor of communication at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, put together a list of “False, misleading, clickbait-y and satirical ‘news’ sources” to help the plebeian public sort out real from fake.

There’s just one problem: Zimdars includes legitimate conservative news outlets on her list. Kira Davis writes at RedState (one of the outlets dubbed “fake” by Zimdars):

    Zimdars includes conservative media giants IJReview, The Blaze, and Redstate – all organizations that provide aggregate reporting and opinion pieces. Having worked for all three organizations at one point or another, I can say with full certainty that not one is a ‘fake news’ site – or even misleading.

    In fact, RedState writers go to great lengths to debunk false stories they find in the media. RedState has produced some of the top conservative talents, including former Editor-in-Chief Erick Erickson, and regularly features articles submitted by members of the House and Senate and from presidential candidates.

The RedState Gathering is covered by major media, and has top caliber speakers and was even the site of the announcement of a Presidential campaign (Rick Perry.) RedState content is regularly featured in the mainstream press and has been quoted frequently by even such old-school journalism outlets as The New York Times many times this year alone.

    IJReview is based in Washington D.C. and has a very strong and lucrative relationship with Facebook, even teaming up with the social media behemoth to produce one of the primary debates. Their reputation on Capitol Hill is well-known, and politicians and high-profile media personalities regularly contribute guest posts.

    The Blaze provides a lot of opinion pieces some people like Zimdars might disagree with, but they most certainly do not post ‘fake news’ or even misleading headlines. MSNBC regularly produces sensational headlines that aren’t backed up by the research but funny enough; they are nowhere on this list. No mainstream liberal reporting agency is on this list.

If these are the types of sites Google and Facebook intend to block as “fake news,” then I’d rather just deal with the obviously fake and click-bait headlines on my newsfeed. But as this election has reinforced, liberals cannot deal with it when they don’t get their way.


Pure Leftist hate

The rant below is remarkable.  It says nothing at great length.  There is no information of substance conveyed. It is presumably meant to be funny for a Leftist audience.  It appeared in a Left-leaning major Australian newspaper.  But underneath the slight veneer of humour, it is pure hate.  The hate  just poured out of the writer -- and kept pouring.  I reproduce the whole thing so people can witness how much hate there is there.  She no doubt feels pleased with herself for writing it but she clearly has "issues", as they say these days. I suspect that underneath an acceptable social facade, she is a generally hostile person -- JR

Jacqueline Maley

Of all the lunacies of the post-fact world, my favourite is the fiction being peddled that "left-wing elites" in the media and elsewhere revealed their horrendous bias by expressing dismay at the prospect of a Trump presidency.

Voicing some discomfort at the prospect of a pussy-grabbing protector-isolationalist becoming leader of the free world does not a left-wing loon make.

Any political candidate who has been endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan is leaving a lot of room out there on their left flank. You don't have to be Che Guevara to have inadvertently found yourself sitting in that space, desolate in the knowledge that the best you can do to stop the juggernaut is to un-follow The Donald on Twitter.

But progressive and free-thinking Trump first-responders (and since last week, we are all, from Senegal to Seattle, Trump first-responders) do have a problem with Melania Trump, first lady-elect, the woman ostensibly closest to the man but at the same time strangely incidental to him.

Melania – Slovenian immigrant, mother, and "perfect 10", to use the technical, Trumpian term – is either her husband's greatest victim or his worst enabler.

She is definitely an important source of what the white-coat doctors call "narcissistic supply", but she may also be that woman with a desperate look in her eyes madly trying to blink her way into communicating that she needs to escape this nightmare way more than we do.

Feminists are at a loss as to how to deal with Melania because it's generally uncool to mock blameless wives and mothers, and yet, this is a woman whose entire life appears predicated on the fact that she is hot. Which is not what Mary Wollstonecraft et al fought in the trenches for.

How do we solve a problem like Melania?

Images of Trump frankly spying on his wife as she cast her vote on November 8 were telling. Did he expect her to vote Democrat? Since winning the vote, otherwise disempowered women have used the privacy of the ballot box as a way to rebel secretly against their husbands, but poor Melania was not afforded this inalienable right.

Perhaps she wanted to put a nice big tick in the Hillary box but was forced to divert at the last minute when she felt her husband's reptilian eyes boring into her back.

Funnily enough, the next day the entire world woke up with that same feeling.

Feminists are at a loss as to how to deal with first lady Melania Trump. The little we do know about Melania has been communicated by mostly her husband. He began lobbying for her back in 2000 when she was his new girlfriend and he pestered the then editor of GQ, Dylan Jones, to feature her nude in his magazine.

More recently, Melania was the subject of a GQ profile that revealed she had a secret half-brother in Slovenia but told us precisely nothing about the kind of person she is. She spoke in cliches and revealed nothing of herself except for the fact that she sticks to her "role" and would never ask her husband to change a nappy or put their son to bed.

Trump says Melania will make an "unbelievable first lady".

The very title of "first lady" is bold confirmation of what many workplaces, and (dare I say it),  society as a whole, have been slow to acknowledge – that men holding down serious jobs can do them properly only if they have a woman behind the scenes sponging up the detritus of daily life.

In the case of an average account manager, or a business owner, that means your wife pays the internet bill and makes sure the children's hair is sufficiently crazy for the school's annual "Crazy Hair Day" (or as it's known to one of my circle, "F---ing Crazy Hair Day").

Presidential wives probably have staff to take care of Crazy Hair Day, but they would have many other irritating and time-consuming help-meet tasks, like scheduling the secret service detail around school assembly, and arranging state dinner seating plans to minimise awkwardness between guests experiencing diplomatic conflict.

In Melania's case, seating arrangements will be further complicated by the fact that her husband is on record as being very gropey. Angela Merkel or Teresa May will want to watch their legs sub-table, particularly given Trump would probably deny any groping not on the facts, but on the justification that neither leader is a "10" so why would he bother?

First ladies are permitted, of course, to take up a few of their own causes, and Melania has said she will focus on the scourge of online bullying, prompting many to wonder aloud whether she had glanced at her own husband's Twitter account recently.

In the post-truth world it would not be surprising if Melania decides next week to take up the banner for victims of sexual assault, or become patron of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

People will call her a hypocrite but perhaps, underneath the Barbie-doll bust and the mask-like features, she is trolling her husband in open cover.

It's the only place she has to hide.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Twitter Initiates Mass Purge Of Prominent Alt-Right Accounts Following Trump Victory

Twitter has initiated a major purge of prominent accounts associated with the alt-right exactly a week after GOP President-elect Donald Trump’s stunning electoral victory.

One of the first and most prominent accounts caught up in the deletion is Richard Spencer, president and director of the National Policy Institute, an alt-right think tank focused on white identity and related policy issues.

Twitter removed Spencer’s verified account, formerly available at @RichardBSpencer, Tuesday evening.

“This is corporate Stalinism,” Richard Spencer told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Twitter is trying to airbrush the Alt Right out of existence. They’re clearly afraid. They will fail!”

Not only did Twitter kill Spencer’s personal account, but Twitter also suspended the National Policy Institute’s official account (@npiamerica) and its online magazine (@RadixJournal), in addition to a separate book publishing company run by Spencer called Washington Summit Publishers (@washsummit).

The ban took place the same day Spencer appeared on NPR and The Daily Show.

Numerous Twitter users expressed shock at the suspension, while others tried to come up with explanations for the purge.

Paul Town, one of the alt-right trolls responsible for feeding Olivia Nuzzi at The Daily Beast a false and outlandish narrative on how Pepe the cartoon frog came to be associated with white nationalism, was also suspended.

Other suspended users, among many, include Pax Dickinson, Ricky Vaughn and John Rivers — all notable alt-right accounts.

The move by Twitter threatens to diminish the explosive power of the alt-right, which has made use of Twitter to brutally troll journalists and political pundits, in addition to supporting Trump and spreading its political philosophy in front of millions of people.

While Twitter has in the past slowly cracked down on accounts near the alt-right, such as those of WeSearchr CEO Chuck Johnson and journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, the major purge Tuesday evening of prominent alt-right accounts is so far unprecedented.

In response to the purges, many alt-right users are heading over to Gab, a Twitter substitute platform with a much more aggressive free speech policy.


Australia: A moderate response to a stream of abuse upsets the abuser

A Leftist female with an Arabic first name abuses an anti-immmigration Senator and is enraged when he responds with great brevity.  He sent no abuse back but that was not good enough, apparently.  The sense of entitlement on the Left is gargantuan

Australia is considering a law to make sure that illegal immigrants can never be given citizenship.  One for Trump to consider?

This afternoon she sent the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Senator an email “imploring him to block the lifetime ban on refugees bill”, and within three minutes she had a response.

Just two words:

“Go away.”

"I was so shocked", the 25-year-old told Mamamia after receiving the reply.

"I couldn’t believe a grown man and public servant, who is being paid with my tax dollar to represent my best interests in parliament, would have the audacity to treat a citizen with such disregard and so childishly. A man who has been elected by the people, telling the people to 'go away' is the exact opposite of democracy."

"Seeking asylum is a basic human right, and this proposed bill is a deliberately cruel and unusual measure added to already cruel and obscene policies enforced by the Australian government," she said.

It should be noted that Nour's email to the Senator contained some strong words. She wrote, "I understand that you are a One Nation Party senator, which obviously means you are a racist, close minded, outdated neanderthal but I’m hoping that somewhere in your hateful, horrible heart there is a tiny smidgen of goodness that is willing to do the right thing and BLOCK the Life Time Ban On Refugees Bill – as is your duty."


Friday, November 18, 2016

More censorship coming from Google and Facebook

The war on "fake news" seems to be aimed explicitly at stories favouring Trump.  A war on ALL fake news would be welcome but with Leftists in charge of the censoring, the result will be even more one-sided news coverage than we have already had.  See the story below this one for some examples of fake news from the Left

President-elect Donald Trump is already reshaping the Internet. A great cleanup has begun, a weeding-out of the fake news stories and hateful commentary that surfaced so often during the presidential campaign, usually on social media sites.

This reckoning — undertaken by internet giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter over the past few days — might make the online environment tidier and more trustworthy, but also, perhaps, a little less free.

They are taking aim at fake pro-Trump stories like one reporting a phony endorsement of Trump by Pope Francis that attracted millions of readers, or the one about Hillary Clinton’s nonexistent $200 million mansion in the Maldives.

Meanwhile, the surging white nationalist “alt-right” movement has used Twitter as one of its favorite communications channels.

Acting now, after the election, is a transparently political move by companies that could have cracked down on this stuff years ago. Instead, Facebook and Google earned big audiences and big dollars by selling ads on phony news sites that spread outrageous falsehoods. And Twitter barely flinched while some of its users terrorized others with abusive and threatening messages.

Last week, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg initially dismissed criticism that fake news on his site influenced the election.

That assertion has reportedly been challenged by some of his own employees, who are said to be forming an unofficial task force to examine how the powerful company could better police spurious information.

Then on Monday Facebook joined Google in announcing that sites that routinely publish false stories will be barred from joining their advertising networks. One could easily conclude the crackdown is coming now because the center-left leadership of these companies suspects that the anything-goes policy helped elect Trump.


Wave of Fake ‘Hate Crimes’ Sweeps anti-Trump Social Media

Fake reports of “hate crimes” committed by fans of President-elect Donald Trump are sweeping the nation. Meanwhile, real crimes continue to be committed by anti-Trump rioters in dozens of cities across America.

One fake “hate crime” involved a Muslim woman at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette who claimed that she had her hijab torn off by two white males. Lafayette police now report that she “admitted that she fabricated the story.”

Other incidents are being reported as “crimes” that are not crimes at all. CNN published a list of “hate crimes” on Saturday that includes an incident where a group of middle school students chanted “Build the wall!” in a cafeteria. That is not a “crime”; it is juvenile behavior by boorish 12- and 13-year-olds.

Another “crime” on CNN’s list comes from a university where “somebody chalked the words ‘Trump,’ ‘Build wall’ and ‘[Expletive deleted] your safe space’ in front of the library. That’s right: they used actual chalk.

Other than that, there’s not much. Elizabeth Nolan Brown of has posted a more extensive list of cases where police were unable to verify the allegations being made, including an alleged attack on a gay man in Santa Monica, California.

Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA) documented three men showing up at a Veterans Day parade with Confederate flags. Provocative? Deliberately. Offensive? Yes, to most. Hate crime? No.

And yet Huffman blamed Donald Trump: “We need to prepare for more of this because the Trump campaign has legitimized and given public space to some shadowy groups that used to hide from public view.”

(For the record, Trump supported efforts to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state capitol.)

Meanwhile, thousands of people flood city centers in Los Angeles, Portland, New York and elsewhere, in some cases setting fires, smashing windows and vandalizing anything they can.

Night after night, the protests have continued, organized by radical left-wing organizations such as and ANSWER, in rejection of the results of a democratic election.

And some of the rhetoric of the protests has been bigoted, and violent. One sign at a Los Angeles protest Saturday read: “This Machine Kills Fascists.”

Some of the protests have resulted in violent attacks on police, and dozens of arrests.

And there have been real hate crimes against Trump supporters, including a videotaped beating of a white man who was targeted because he was accused of voting for Trump.

The wave of anti-Trump crimes — “hate crimes” and otherwise — committed by anti-Trump thugs overwhelms, by several orders of magnitude, whatever crimes are being attributed to Trump supporters.

The narrative about a wave of “hate crimes” inspired by Trump is a deliberate fabrication, meant to tarnish the President-elect. It is a continuation of false accusations, during the campaign, that Trump represented the second coming of Hitler.

It is an attempt to organize a new opposition, based on lies, and the deliberate sowing of mistrust at a time when Americans have been called — by both presidential candidates — to come together.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hate speech from Harry Reid

Leftists are always seeing in others the hate and racism  that boils inside themselves

Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement about the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States:

“I have personally been on the ballot in Nevada for 26 elections and I have never seen anything like the reaction to the election completed last Tuesday. The election of Donald Trump has emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry in America.

“White nationalists, Vladimir Putin and ISIS are celebrating Donald Trump’s victory, while innocent, law-abiding Americans are wracked with fear – especially African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Muslim Americans, LGBT Americans and Asian Americans. Watching white nationalists celebrate while innocent Americans cry tears of fear does not feel like America.

“If this is going to be a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs: at the feet of Donald Trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate. Winning the electoral college does not absolve Trump of the grave sins he committed against millions of Americans.


Even dictators don't like to be called fat

Kim Jong-un North Korea has reportedly made an official request to state officials in China pleading with them to stop referring to Kim Jong-un as fat.

Kim Fatty III is a popular nickname for the North Korean leader in neighbouring China.

Other popular nicknames include Jin Pang Pang (Kim Fat Fatty) and Jin San Fei (Kim Abundant III).

Kim Jong-un is believed to have piled on 38kg in recent years due to his love of Swiss cheese, whiskey and scallops, according to The Sun.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Must not find Mrs Obama unattractive

The ancient Romans had a saying:  "De gustibus non disputandum est" -- translatable as "Concerning taste there can be no dispute".  That tolerance apparently does not apply when commenting on Mrs Obama's looks.  The negative judgment of two women below about Mrs Obama's looks has been vigorously disputed

But, like it or not, the de facto worldwide standard of female beauty is Nordic -- narrow faces, fine features, white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair.  Even some Japanese ladies blond their hair.  To black males, a white wife is a trophy.  Mrs Obama has no Nordic attributes at all.  If her skin were white she would be ugly.  She has received acceptance for political reasons only

We may deplore the Nordic standard but saying that people should adopt other standards for females that they like to look at is pissing into the wind.  It won't happen.  It will have zero influence.  Brown hair can be accepted in lieu of blonde but that is the only variation to the top standard. 

I too will be glad to see Melania in the White House

TWO American women — a mayor and local business leader — are under pressure to resign over a racist post about First Lady Michelle Obama that has sparked a social media row.

Clay County Development Corp director Pamela Ramsey Taylor made the post following Donald Trump’s election as president, saying: “It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels.”

Clay Mayor Beverly Whaling responded: “Just made my day Pam.” The post, first reported by WSAZ-TV, was shared hundreds of times on social media before it was deleted.

The Facebook pages of Taylor and Whaling couldn’t be found Monday. A call to the Clay County Development Corp. went unanswered and Whaling didn’t immediately return a telephone message.

An online petition has been launched, calling for Whaling and Taylor to be fired.

The petition titled ‘Terminate Clay County Mayor and County Development Corp Director For Calling Michelle Obama an “Ape in Heels”’, has had more than 33,000 online supporters so far.

The non-profit development group provides services to elderly and low-income residents in Clay County. It is funded through state and federal grants and local fees.



No free speech for conservatives on Australian public TV

Australia's ABC does often have a token conservative on its TV shows, hoping mainly to humiliate them.  But usually, the conservative does get to say something.  This time the conservative had barely opened his mouth before a Leftist interrupted him to contradict him.  And the show host sided with the Leftist

A petition calling for The Project to apologise to Steve Price after he was 'bullied' by Carrie Bickmore live on-air has received 17,000 signatures.

The petition says the 61-year-old radio presenter was a victim of "leftist bullying" after a heated with columnist Jamila Rizvi last week which ended with Bickmore telling Price to watch his tone.

Price, a 2GB presenter and regular guest on The Project, was commenting on Donald Trump's election victory on Wednesday night when Rizvi, a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter, cut him off.

"The people in real America, in small town America, weren't buying the bulldust that was coming out of the elites," Price said.

When Rizvi interjected, calling the idea of a real America "b-------", Price got personal.

"This is the reason why Donald Trump won, because people like you lecture and hector people."

Bickmore jumped to Rizvi's defence and warned Price to not "keep that tone" as the guests bickered between themselves. But it appears a large number of people think Rizvi was in the wrong.

The petition started three days ago calls for The Project to apologise to Price, describing the incident as "leftist bullying".

"Nobody, no matter what side of politics they fall on, should have to experience the abuse and degradation of what Steve had to go through on that program," petition founder Thomas Nicholls wrote. "What happened on The Project is unacceptable and should be condemned. Whether you are on the left, right, or somewhere in between, nobody should experience what Steve experienced."


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Strange results for a racist and sexist candidate

The net is awash with Lefist claims that Trump ran a racist and sexist campaign.  But Americans as a whole clearly did not see it that way. It's just another of the habitual distortions of reality that Leftists constantly practice

[Trump] managed to win over many women and Latinos. White women, for example, voted for Trump over Clinton by a ten-point margin, according to CNN’s exit polling. Depending on which exit poll you believe, Trump may also have won anywhere from 19 percent to an astonishing 29 percent of the Latino vote, despite his anti-Latino rhetoric. Clinton’s supposed bulwark among college-educated voters also failed: White college graduates backed Trump by a 4-point margin, including 45 percent of college-educated white women.

It shouldn’t surprise us that women voted for Trump as strongly as they did: White women also voted for Romney and McCain by similar margins. But Clinton also underperformed Obama’s 2012 showing among Latino women by eight points. Clinton’s gender-based appeal not only backfired among men, but fell flat among many women. In 2016, the suburban, mostly white women Clinton tried hard to court seemingly made their decisions based on other factors.

And race? Per The New York Times’s exit poll, Trump outperformed Mitt Romney among all racial groups surveyed. Most shockingly, Trump gained fewer percentage points among whites than among other blocs of voters. Trump won only 1 percent more white voters than Romney, but bested him by 7 points among blacks, 8 points among Latinos, and 11 points among Asian Americans. These are not the numbers you would expect from a win driven primarily by white supremacist backlash.


Corporate hate speech backfires

Grubhub is a food delivery company that won't be delivering much food to Trump voters from now on

Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney is dumb, dumb and dumber. After the election he sent a condescending, baseless, whacko email that gives the impression to his employees that if you voted for Trump or believe in Trump's campaign message that you should send in your resignation. He even says that if Trumped worked there, many of his comments would have resulted in his immediate termination.

Would Maloney also want anyone who agrees with Trump to immediately stop buying their service?

On November 8, Grubhub was trading at $37.83 and now it's at $35.25. That is nearly a 7% drop while the rest of the market hit historic highs. His dumb political statements have so far cost Grubhub shareholders $200 million. What an idiot. The Grubhub board should hold an emergency session and fire him in order to reassure their shareholders that their company is in good hands and to send a message to customers that political intolerance is unacceptable.

Maloney has since produced a press release saying he is misunderstood. Baloney. He meant every word of what he said because he bought in like a child the nonsense narrative that Trump is a racist, homophobe, intolerant Nazi like figure.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters on Twitter are appropriately bashing Maloney relentlessly, but in a much smarter way than Maloney slammed them