Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Viewers of CBC's Olympic coverage outraged after 'racist' announcer is caught on mic saying 14-year-old Chinese swimmer 'went out like stink, died like a pig'

Apparently intended as humorous but pretty unpleasant language to apply to an athlete doing her best

Canadian broadcaster CBC has been forced to apologize after one of its commentators said a 14-year-old female Chinese swimmer 'went out like stink' and 'died like a pig' during a race.

Commentator Byron MacDonald thought his mic was turned off when he started to dispense some of his own opinions at the end of the women's 4x200m freestyle relay final.

MacDonald, who was brought on board CBC's commentary team to provide 'color' could be heard saying: 'That little 14-year-old from China dropped the ball, baby. Too excited, went out like stink, died like a pig. Thanks for that.'

Chinese swimmer Ai Yanhan, 14, swam the second leg of the relay in 1:57.79 — 1.61 seconds slower than Canada's Taylor Ruck, allowing the Canadians to close the gap on China.

Viewers across Canada were quick to react online after being shocked by the tone and the language used



Anonymous said...

A crude remark meant to be funny, and it could be said about someone of any race, so its not racist.

Anonymous said...

Competitive sports is unforgiving and often cruel with black humor to match. Having been in locker rooms the comments were mild compared to most. Non-American football and rugby are two of the worst both on and off the field but many women locker rooms are as bad.


Anonymous said...

I have played many of the one on one combative sports martial arts/fencing and the respectfulness and sportsmanship is generally pretty good. There can develop a bond and friendship between opponents. Team sports don't seem to develop that to quite the same degree. The bond/friendship seems more between members of the same team.

stinky said...

Sounds like she didn't pace herself and thereby let the Canadians catch up. Doesn't anybody understand English these days?

Anonymous said...

Well said stinky.
While his comments weren't fantastic, they were fairly accurate and not especially offensive.
Anon 1:31 is also right - can't see any racial connotations there.