Friday, August 19, 2016

Must not say bad things about Gypsies

A Tory MP has sparked outrage after he compared a group of travellers to the feared conqueror - Genghis Khan.

Gary Streeter, 55, labelled the group as intruders and accused them of causing major disruption after setting up camp at a park on Sunday.

The travellers were evicted from the site in Plymouth, Devon, yesterday lunchtime.

But Mr Streeter, who represents South West Devon, has now launched a tirade against their way of life.  He said: 'The key to tackling this perennial problem is to remove travellers like these from the "vulnerable ethnic minority" status.

'They are as vulnerable as Genghis Khan, most of them are as ethnic as I am, and all have permanent homes elsewhere in the UK.

Mr Streeter has aired his feelings about the travelling community on several previous occasions, but his latest comments have caused anger among senior Labour councillors.

Philippa Davey, shadow cabinet member for safer and stronger communities, said Mr Streeter’s views confirm research by Anglia Ruskin University, which found discrimination against gypsies and travellers is the 'last bastion of acceptable racism'.

She said: 'Of course the council should deal with unauthorised access to land, but comparing people to Genghis Khan and making sweeping judgements about very vulnerable groups of people is irresponsible.



Anonymous said...

I know nothing about them, but they have been considered to be petty criminals for a long time; Jane Austen had them in her novel Emma.

Anonymous said...

I read an excellent series of historical fiction about Genghis Khan written by Con Iggulden.
IMHO any comparison to the Great Khan Temujin is the highest of compliments.

Anonymous said...

Gypsies are a plague unleashed in force after opening the borders of the EU. Gypsies flock to rich western countries in the EU to fleece tourists and unwary locals. They unleashed by the Eastern block countries once the wall fell. The councillor was correct in his summation and the socialist councillors should be told to pull their head in or move elsewhere.