Monday, August 01, 2016

Council BANS mural of scantily-clad Hillary Clinton

I reckon it flatters her

A local council in Melbourne has demanded a mural of Hillary Clinton in a swimsuit be removed, saying they had received complaints about the provocative artwork.

The mural of the US Presidential nominee wearing a skimpy stars and stripes-patterned monokini was painted on a wall in Footscray last weekend by street artist Lushsux.

Maribyrnong Council has requested the artwork be removed from the wall, reported the Herald Sun.

A friend looking after Lushsux's small business told the Herald Sun it was 'over the top' and 'political correctness gone 'haywire'.  'I can’t see any problem with someone expressing themselves with art,' Mitch said.

He said he believed the mural he painted of Clinton was the reason his Instagram account, which had 107,000 followers, was deactivated on Wednesday.

'Instagram and Facebook have a very clear bias when it comes to this in my opinion. I've painted Trump murals and had no problems.'

The Clinton mural was captioned 'stupid sexy Hillary' - a nod to the well known Simpsons scene which sees Homer utter the same thing about Ned Flanders after he appears wearing a similarly coloured snowsuit.

The artist told Daily Mail Australia earlier this week the picture was based off a popular Photoshop image circulating the internet, and had proved very popular with passers by.



Anonymous said...

No comment.

Anonymous said...

He did a topless mural of Melania Trump and didn't receive the same type of criticism.
What does that tell you? Content discrimination = hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Socialist/leftist prejudice yet once again/ Is anyone really surprised? Local governments in Australia are highly leftist as is most of our media. Small minds in action once again. Or are they upset that he image is very flattering Hillary?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was truth in advertising, Lying Hillary never looked that good except in Bill's dreams.


Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Becuase Red,White and Blue offends whing liberals