Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sexy ads under fire

LINGERIE retailer Bras N Things is embroiled in a storm in a D-cup after it was forced to pull a campaign video down due to its overtly explicit content.

The video, which played in Bras N Things stores, featured 2011 Australia’s Next Model winner Simone Holtznagel and showed her posing in a series of sexual positions — described as “amateur porn” in complaints — where she flaunted the latest Playboy lingerie.

The campaign, which resembles a Playboy ad, also features close ups of Ms Holtznagel’s body wearing the lingerie. [HORROR!]

A series of complaints to the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau forced the retailer to pull the ads, claiming the instore screens were so large, seeing it was “unavoidable”.

“This was in an ordinary public place, with children and families there, why should they be confronted with it in a shopping mall,” read one complaint.

“It was vulgar, unsuitable for the young and simply demeaning for any woman walking past.”

Another read: “They were not merely modelling the underwear, they were moving suggestively, gyrating and looking lasciviously at the camera — like a very amateur porn movie.

Bras N Things declined to make a comment when contacted by, but according to the complaint, the retailer received “very little feedback from customers” and “does not feel that it has breached any advertising standards”.

As a matter of “respect” to shopping centres, the video would be replaced with pictures instead in an act of “good faith”.



Anonymous said...

I can see the child in the store asking his mother why she does not look like that woman on the screen and the ensuing complaint to the advertising authorities. Kids see more than this live as PDA in the mall with customers with minimal outfits, no underwear, and too many hormones.


Olaf Koenders said...

Vulgar and demeaning? Maybe next time they should use a really fat and ugly model.

Anonymous said...

If she were a man it would be vulgar.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, that ad was hot and Simone Holtznagel was crazy fine.
There were no 'sexual poses', nor 'gyrating'.
I'd say it was sexy, not sexual.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like nothing that cannot be seen on many beaches.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe next time they should use a really fat and ugly model."

Are you referring to Donald Trump?

Anonymous said...

'Are you referring to Donald Trump?'

No you idiot, Hillary Clinton. She may not be fat but she sure as hell is ugly. Not to mention a liar.

Olaf Koenders said...

Hillary's fugly mug's already plastered everywhere. Reminds me of a certain Hutt..

Jesus said...

"No you idiot,"

Name calling is not nice. Please refrain from such behavior in the future.