Sunday, August 21, 2016

Muslim hate speech sanctioned for once

Deutsche Welle (DW; German State Radio) ended its contact with Nagi Abbas, an Egyptian journalist in its Arabic section, on Friday following his controversial social media posts calling for the assault of activist Mahienour El-Masry.

The post was published by Abbas on Wednesday. It included insults about El-Masry and calls for people to attack her using acid, and to force feed her acid.

DW said that the journalist “called for an act that is punishable by law”. The German media institution said that before taking any decision, it conducted investigations into the matter, which included speaking to the journalist who did not deny the authenticity of the post.

The journalist was fired, DW added, and further legal measures are being taken.

El-Masry is lawyer and political activist who was just released from prison. After her release she wrote a Facebook post praising and saluting her prison inmates, where she mentioned “Aunt Samia Shanan”.

Abbas is a journalist who is specialised in Egyptian-European relations



Bird of Paradise said...

Wait for the UN Human Right freakos to get involved

Anonymous said...

About time pro-Islam journalists calling for violence were prosecuted for inciting violence. Now to take on the imam's in the mosques for the same thing.