Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Slapping men on the bottom is sexist?

An advert for gym clothes featuring radio personality Hamish Blake and his wife Zoe Foster-Blake has been labelled sexist against men.  Complaints were made to the Australian Advertising Standards Board, but were dismissed earlier this month.

The commercial shows Hamish and Zoe competing in physical challenges while wearing clothing from the popular brand Bonds.

At one point, Zoe pulls down her husband's shorts to reveal a pair of Bonds underwear, before slapping his bottom.

Several complainants alleged the scene portrayed males as 'sexual objects to the viewers'.

'The ad clearly objectifies men and shows how they are sexual objects to the viewers; is this message what we want children and other viewers to think?' read one complaint.

'I feel this is derogatory towards men, also promotes putting down another person,' read another.



Bird of Paradise said...

A lot of liberal panies need a slap on the rear epscialy if their into holding stupid sit down for devesting in fossil fuels and gun control

Use the Name, Luke said...

Wait, are they claiming that husbands and wives finding each other sexy is somehow a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is great.

If the ad had been reversed and showed a husband pulling down the shorts of his wife, their would be howls from people and the complaints would not have been dismissed as they were in this case.

As it is, all this does is show the hypocrisy of those who think they should monitor and complain to government officials about an ad.

If the ad and therefore the brand, offends you, don't buy the product.

It's that easy.

Olaf Koenders said...

There have been a plethora of ads in recent years that make hubby look foolish. Men rarely complain no matter how they're portrayed. The permanently offended title remains the domain of women. Put the shoe on the other foot and most of those ads wouldn't make the screen.

Anonymous said...

I actually think the ads are kinda cute but I agree with Anon 1:08 that the issue is more that if the roles were reversed there would be an outcry.

Anonymous said...

If Hamish Blake wants to play the goofy man, that's his choice.

Healthy minded people can laugh at themselves.

Sure, the fool in any tv ad nowadays is always the man, and the woman is always portrayed as competent. And that, together with indoctrination at school, gives an unfortunate message that men are silly to boys of single mothers with no sensible father figure to counter it.

I don't think the woman slapping the man's behind is derogatory though. Slapping his head would be.

The most derogatory part of the ad is the unpleasant "music". It portrays blacks as retarded.

On selective occasions where my relationships with others don't matter and where I can't make enemies to get me sacked, I sometimes enjoy telling a joke about men to entertain the women, particularly the feminists. And naturally I enjoy laughing at it myself. When complimented I casually mention that a sign of good mental health is being able to laugh at yourself, with which statement the women agree. Then I tell a joke about feminists, after which you can cut the air with a knife. Feminists cannot laugh at themselves because feminists are neurotic.

Anonymous said...


So true.