Thursday, August 04, 2016

Must not seek attractive girls

All girls are equal, don't you know?

IT WAS supposed to be a lighthearted promotion to attract more female customers — but a “hot girls eat free” sign outside a Sydney pub has outraged local women who say it is misogynist, degrades women and is sending the wrong message to their daughters.

Petersham Inn licensee Bianca McDonald told the Inner West Courier she and her team came up with the idea as a “creative and funny” way to attract women patrons to the venue after she took over in late June.

But the move backfired, with a post on the Inner West Mums Facebook page attracting more than 100 comments about the offensive poster, which includes a beautiful woman seductively eating a slice of pizza.

“Totally appalled! That is absolutely outrageous in this day and age,” one woman wrote. “It’s offensive and wrong. How do I explain it to my two daughters?” wrote another.

Ms McDonald said she was disappointed the pub had only given away three “hot girls” meals so far and was considering moving the poster to the busier Parramatta Rd side.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Some people are born to whine other just whine without being told to whine

Anonymous said...

It's not the children who are complaining but the frumpy has been mums. Just because they were too lazy to look after their body every woman has to suffer.

Anonymous said...

What do you tell your children? The truth, that they are genetically predisposed to look for symmetry and strength or the modern progressive claptrap that all individuals are "special" and there would be a level playing field except for all the sexist Neanderthals in the world. What do you tell them when you see a drunk or homeless sleeping on the street? You do not protect anyone by refusing reality and those who try to deserve neither time nor respect.


Gooniebird said...

Some kids are being hold their no more important then a snail then the granola munchers get the snail protected under the ESA We need a open season on tree sitters,huggers

Anonymous said...

How do I explain it to my two daughters?
I'd say you have two options:
1. Its a joke (but since you seem completely humourless I doubt you could manage this), or
2. Explain to your daughters that being physically attractive has many advantages in society (you would only know about this from observing others I would guess).

Anonymous said...

Girls work at being attractive to boys, but they do not want to admit that they are doing it.

Olaf Koenders said...

Girls also like being attractive to girls simply to make them jealous.