Monday, August 15, 2016

Coward is a VERY bad word

Hope Solo — the abrasive, Star Wars-surnamed goalkeeper of the US women’s soccer team — isn’t just any villain.

The two time gold medal-winning 35-year-old has regularly pushed the boundaries of what a star athlete can get away with as long as they’re winning. But her reaction to America’s penalty shootout defeat against Sweden in the quarterfinals in Rio — in which the overmatched Swedes adopted an often-used overly-defensive strategy — saw her lambasted like never before.

“I thought that we played a courageous game,” Solo said. “I thought we had many opportunities on goal. I think we showed a lot of heart. We came back from a goal down. I’m very proud of this team. But I also think we played a bunch of cowards. The best team did not win today. I strongly believe that.”

There aren’t many words in sport that carry the gravity of the word coward and Solo’s summary immediately drew criticism.

Former Olympic and World Cup team captain Julie Foudy, now an ESPN commentator, called Sweden’s conservative game plan “a tactic most outmatched teams take in soccer” and “tactically smart”.

She said her countrywoman’s rant was “ridiculous and classless, and it really doesn’t represent the house that we built with the US team”.



Bird of Paradise said...

Soon they will circulate a list of words you can or can not use becuase whining little snowflakes might get their fragile little feelings hurt Free speech dont mean anything to liberal progresivists enforcing their leftists ideologies on us all

Anonymous said...

Typical egotistical American who can't deal with losing. They were beaten by a better team on the day and they can't accept that they are no as good as the team the USA fielded in the last Olympics. Poor little leftie educated wimps.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that BoP makes a comment on what other people will say in trying to stop a diversity of ideas but yet here in this forum has constantly told people who have disagreed with his rants and less than intelligent comments to "shut up."

Solo's comments, in the arena of sportsmanship, were wrong and were another affirmation of the type of person she is. The Swedes played a tactical game and won. Instead of being gracious, Solo showed her character (or lack thereof.)

In the scheme of free speech, Solo certainly has the right to say whatever she wants. In the actual context of the statement, people have the right to criticize Solo and US Soccer has the absolute right to suspend her, ban her or whatever they want to do as well. What US Soccer has to do is ask itself is "is Hope Solo the type of person we want representing us as a team, a group and as a country?"

Anonymous said...

Amen 9:36 AM

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberal socialists want speech codes for us and not them