Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pink for girls is SEXIST!

Its return to TV screens has been hotly-anticipated by baking fans across Britain. But the Great British Bake Off has come under fire from keen-eyed viewers for being 'sexist' when unveiling the contestants for this year's competition.

Revealing the 12 candidates for the popular show's seventh series, BBC producers had the six men and six women pose with 'gender-related' frosting.

Posing for the camera, the men can be seen holding a bowl of 'manly' blue icing sugar, while the women pose alongside a pink topping.

Viewers have been quick to take to Twitter to complain about the 'sexist' and 'embarrassingly dated' move.

Lorna Stewart wrote: 'Pink icing for women, blue for men. Men in @BritishBakeOff obviously make much more manly icing. Grrrr blue. #GBBO'

Bethan Smith said: 'Hey @BritishBakeOff, why is the icing pink for a woman, blue for a man in the contestant pics? Seems a bit pigeonholing and backward! #GBBO'



Bird of Paradise said...

There they go again the whiners and snivelers they cant ever be satisfied their always got something to whine about

Anonymous said...

It's all meaningless, as originally pink was for boys as a pale shade of the manly red, and sky blue as a pale shade of the serene female azure (hence the Virgin Mary is traditionally portrayed in a blue shawl).

Anonymous said...

Guess all that wear pink to support breast cancer research is offensive as well.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that at this present time a large proportion of the world's women, particularly western women, have gone mad.

Most of them are perpetually irritable. Any pleasantness is shallow and fickle, just surface front. They get offended and sent into hysterics when they hear certain words, see certain colours, and by numerous triggers that set them off into fits of irrational self-righteous anger. Most of those triggers are petty and insignificant and would have no effect on a healthy mind.

By the way:

Anonymous said...

As nutty as this whole thing is, what stupid producer thought it was a good idea for all the boys to use blue and all the girls to use pink? Did they think we needed help to identify their gender?

Anonymous said...

Using pink is just as sexist as using blue. Doesn't that just balance thing out? The whole discussion is stupid. Or is it driven by the lgbti brigade?

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

I guess that also means the Pink Panther and Flamingos are now offesive to the whining voiced little whiners

Gooniebird said...

The movie PRETTY IN PINK might offend liberals