Monday, August 29, 2016

New twist in the Golliwog saga

A grandmother is selling 'Golly Dolls' in a bid to 'reclaim black heritage' and raise money for charitable causes. Retired midwife Charlotte Nightingale, 65, sells the controversial children's toy at fairs, school fetes, and village shows.

The mother-of-three, who dresses up as a Golly when she sells them, said she had received a widely positive reaction from members of the public and does understand why they have been banned.

She said: 'Three or four years ago I became aware that Gollies were banned because they were offending black people, but that was news to me.

'I'm black. I'm from Ghana and I didn't know this was the case - I thought this is nonsense.

'I could not make sense why a doll which was a children's toy, or a rag doll, is now offensive to black people - and for that reason I chose to use it as a mascot.

'Golly is still loved by millions of people of all shades.'



Anonymous said...

Good for Charlotte !

Bird of Paradise said...

Thats the way to show these PC fools there Charlotte make them eat crow

Olaf Koenders said...

Good on her!

But, I believe the only reason the Leftards leave her alone is because she's black. There's nothing they could say lest it prove how ugly and perverted they are.

Anonymous said...

She will quickly fall afoul of the professionally offended.
There are too many people who have made their living off being offended - and those whose self-identity draws too much from the power of righteous indignation on behalf of others.

Anonymous said...

Good on her.