Monday, August 15, 2016

Museum defends displaying authentic Nazi flag saying it is a ‘legitimate part of history’

A museum has defended its decision to display an authentic World War II Nazi flag, despite accusations they are profiting off the fascist regime.

The large red swastika flag will be hung in New Zealand's Temuka Museum on Saturday for the building's 100th anniversary celebrations.

Museum members said the flag is 'a legitimate part of history', but the move has been met with an outpouring of backlash on social media, reports StuffNZ.

Temuka RSA manager Vicky Howey said she hoped the flag would attract some 'new blood' and 'get more bums on seats.'

Temuka Museum member Alan Patrick said the flag was 'a legitimate part of history' and it was a unique opportunity for people to see the flag.

The plan has divided social media, with some claiming the flag should never be displayed and others defending the move.

'This is not about history but about using shock and horror to make money,' wrote one commenter.

'A nazi flag should NEVER be flown or hung. The only place for a nazi flag is on the ground being trampled on.'

'So you'd rather bury your head in the sand and pretend it never happened?' wrote another.



Anonymous said...

"Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." Don't remember who said it, but it's still very true!

Bird of Paradise said...

Maybe they should display both the nazi flag and the communists flag and inform museum visitors that they prepisent two liberal ideologies that murdered millions

Anonymous said...

Socialists always want their opinion to be the only opinion, their version of history to be the only version of history since the truth reveals them to be the liars that they are, delusional idiots and parasites. A socialist will offer to debate only so they can deride those who don't support their point of view and kill free speech. Anyone who calls themselves a progressive is a leftist. The worst of all are the Fabian society.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Anon 2:53 Both the Nazis and Communists were socialists they wanted bigger Goverment just like the Useless Nations and the Demacrats want

Anonymous said...

Traditionally, flags that are flown or hung are flags that are due respect.

If someone is going to fly or hang a Nazi flag, I would be against that as the flag deserves no respect at all. Asking that the flag not be hung or flown is not the same as saying it should not be displayed. The flag can be displayed without giving it a position that historically conveys honor and respect.

Go ahead and display the flag so people can see it and learn from it. Do not give it the same position as the flag of the home country (New Zealand) or other countries.

Use the Name, Luke said...


That was philosopher George Santayana.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that many of those who are protesting were not even alive during World War II.

Gooniebird said...

Anon 12:21 Your probibly right about that one their all most likely post war whiniers

Truth & Sincerity said...

The Fabian's first rule of debate is, Take the altruistic stand and make the opponent look and feel bad. His looking and feeling wrong will follow. Further rules are persistence and gradualism. In other words, keep it up and wear him down. Truth means nothing to them; they don't believe in it, only in emotion and that can be manipulated. They use and promote the word equality when they are talking about conformity. They portray themselves as good and caring, but they want your freedom for their power. Treachery is their craft. They are deceivers, and deceived agents of deceivers.