Sunday, August 07, 2016

Self-confessed feminist says women should take catcalling as a compliment

A WOMAN has admitted she enjoys being “catcalled” and doesn’t understand why others find it offensive.

Student and self-confessed feminist Charley Scoggins said she reckons females shouldn’t feel patronised, offended or degraded when they’re told they’ve got a “tight a*s” or a “juicy rack”.

However many people have criticised her comments on social media, warning her: “Normalising this harassment only serves to perpetuate the climate of rape culture.”

Writing in the UK student newspaper The Tab, Charley claimed she finds being catcalled “affirming” rather than uncomfortable, reports The Sun.

The 20-year-old said: “If I look as good as I feel, it’s great to hear that somebody, or a group of somebodies, agrees with me.”

Charley admitted it depended on the situation, explaining: “If I’m out on a run or a night out with the girls, and a group of lad-wannabes call out to us that we look hot, I don’t mind it.

“So in these situations the best thing to do is to laugh and move on, and feel a little boosted.”

Charley did criticise the “seedier side to catcalling”, writing: “If the situation is less lighthearted, and the men are calling out to you to get your t*ts out or to come home with them, then this is in no way OK.

“It’s vile, and I don’t see what they’re expecting from it. They should have seen enough rom coms with their ex-girlfriends to know that we don’t appreciate derogatory comments, but an actual conversation.



Anonymous said...

Here we have a feminist that wants things both ways. I must admit that derogatory comments calling for immediate sexual gratification are definitely over the top. The sad thing in todays society is that the is no line of demarcation as to what is ok and what is offensive, It seems that all is offensive currently. I am surprised that the sexes can get together in order to procreate. It's almost back to Victorian times where sexuality was driven underground.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just another one of those nutcases types looking for their place in the news and to appear on liberal news shows like GMA or TODAY

Olaf Koenders said...

What if she's deaf? How do you sign wolf-whistle?

Anonymous said...

Last week at work, one of the male field staff complimented one of the female office staff on her looks. He was quite polite about it. When he left the office she and the other women started going on about how inappropriate and sleazy he was. He wasn't sleazy though, just clumsy in his delivery and unaware of male-feminist interpersonal dynamics and some do's and don'ts with feminists. He is a naively confident man and mistakenly considers the office staff equals to himself and treats them on the level, whereas they consider themselves his superiors. He is below their level in their spectrum of looks, status and power. Therefor it would be safer for him to present himself as slightly subservient and dependent on them, along with being a reliable worker.

Also, most women, particularly attractive ones in positions they believe hold status and power, do not accept that a friendly man may not be interested in having sex with her. Simple friendliness on the part of a male she considers below her in looks, status, power or preferred demographic, will cause her to view and treat him as a sleaze. She will be cold, straight faced, minimally helpful, obstructive, passive aggressive, and worst of all - spread gossip about what a sleaze bag he is. She may even file distorted and harmful accounts of his innocent interactions with her into incident reports without his knowledge. If she is cunningly mean she will even bait him into further mistakes. If, due to her passive aggressive obstructiveness towards him, or some problem she is causing for him that he does not know she is causing it, and he raises the issue of concern or complaint with her, then she will file more reports - without his knowledge - about his physical intimidation and being threatening/bullying. Her attitude to him will spread to other women in his organisation. If he is subordinate or if his work requires cooperation with others then he will find his colleagues insufficiently communicative, he will not be adequately informed of things, and all manner of things will start being difficult. Others will appear irritable to him, difficult to approach, and if they are superior to him or he is dependent on them then their irritability will transfer to him as anxiety. Some may be friendly to him but at surreptitiously feeding the same group dynamic going on around him. Eventually he will sense something is not right between himself and his workplace and he will move on. Even unemployment may be easier than the interpersonal atmosphere he has found himself in. He won't be able to get satisfactory referees because there are notes and documents on file about him being a sleaze and a bully. Referees will infer these things to potential employers, unless it is for a menial job of low status in which they will be pleased he is now applying for. Unless it is explained to him by someone in the know then he will likely never understand what went wrong. If he is told then he will find it hard to believe and will become quite traumatised by it. He can't believe women can be that nasty. And all because he was naively "inappropriately" friendly to the wrong women.

The fellow who complimented the woman in the office last week is on a path like that. I do not expect him to last long. He told me he is getting the feeling lately that he is not wanted around here anymore. He is correct, but how can I explain what is going on when it would disappoint and upset him immensely and he wouldn't believe it, and when nearly everyone involved is in denial about it or would deny it? It is an unpleasant thing to watch happening, especially to a man trying to support his kids and his unwell wife on a part time wage.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

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