Saturday, August 27, 2016

Blackface furore in Britain

A folk festival has banned Morris dancers from performing with black paint on their faces after complaints that the 500-year-old tradition is racist.

Shrewsbury Folk Festival bosses said people wearing full black face paint would not be booked from next year - although dancers claim it has no racial links and branded it 'PC nonsense'.

This weekend's event will be the last time the popular festival will book Morris dancers using dark make-up.

Community group Fairness, Respect, Equality Shropshire (FRESH) said the ban showed sensitivity 'to a changed social climate'.

But Morris dancers say there were 'no racial connotations' and they had 'never wanted to upset people.'

Festival director Sandra Surtees said they found themselves 'caught between two sides' of the argument.

She added: 'The use of full face black make up is an age old tradition, particularly within Border Morris.

'The Morris movement has always evolved over time and some sides have take their own decisions to move away from using full face black make up to other forms of colour and disguise.

The tradition is known as 'Border Morris' and sees performers wearing a full-face of black makeup in order to disguise themselves, has no racial connotations.

'The festival has never wished to cause offence to any person and as such, from 2017, we will no longer book sides that use full face black make up.

But the decision has sparked public outrage from Morris dancers and Shropshire residents.

Jon Roads said: 'It's terrible that PC nonsense is being used to repress our traditional customs in this way.  'These ancient traditions are at risk of dying out completely. Just disgusting.'

Adrian Pitt added: 'I am disappointed that the organisers are not prepared to tolerate my traditional disguise, which has nothing to do with mimicry of any racial group and doesn't even look like any particular racial group, the evidence of which goes back centuries.'



Anonymous said...

Typical anti-white bullshit. Enough of the offendedness. When do white people get the right to be offended by those who are racist against us? It is time to shut the leftist insult cartel down.

Dean said...

"Throughout history, the Morris seems to have been common. It was imported from village festivities into popular entertainment after the invention of the court masque by Henry VIII. The word Morris apparently derived from “morisco,” meaning “Moorish.” Cecil Sharp, whose collecting of Morris dances preserved many from extinction, suggested that it might have arisen from the dancers’ blacking their faces as part of the necessary ritual disguise." (Encyclopaedia Britannica, Internet Edition)

No difference between deliberate racist demeaning and celebrating cultural history? But then, what can one expect from the race-baiters among us.

Anonymous said...


It is because of assholes like you that there is anti-white sentiments.

Bird of Paradise said...

So everything is racsist to these backward african intruders? if they dont like they can go back where they came from quit changing a ceneteries old tradition to appease a bunch out outsiders

Olaf Koenders said...

Won't be long before anyone returning home after a holiday in Hawaii will be stoned to death because they allowed themselves to racially accept a dose of UV from the Sun and develop a degree of melanin.

Anonymous said...

"...When do white people get the right to be offended by those who are racist against us? ..."
3:00 AM

Don't think like that.

If you want to be offended too, by leftist anti-white racism, and by feminist anti-white-male sexism, then you are being as weak and pathetic as those leftists and feminists are being.

Self-assured people do not claim their own offendedness in competition with leftist offendedness. Being offended is of no interest to us.

Winning the offended status or the victim status does not put one in the right. It is a false prize, of false value, not worth competing for.

Let those who so desperately want it, have the offended prize. Let them have the victim status - you cannot stop them anyway, they are determined to have it.

Don't compete with them for their silly offended/victim prizes. Let them see you are not interested in competing for such a prize; that even when attacks a launched against you, that you are not interested in taking them to heart, that you do not take on or hold on to offence, that you are not interested in seeing yourself as a victim. Let them see, when they accuse you of victimising them, that you do not even bother to defend yourself. And let them see by your living, who is more responsible, stronger, mature, and genuinely kind, you or them.

And by your example lead the uncommitted lefties in your life away from the deadpool religion of leftism into an attitude, outlook and way of living that activates individual potential and maximises personal growth.

Leftism cannot be eradicated, it is lies and false goodness as an emotional reaction against truth and genuine goodness, so it will always exist. But individuals can be lead away from it when they see an example of a truer more genuine way of being.

Anonymous said...

"Shrewsbury Folk Festival bosses said people wearing full black face paint would not be booked..."
The thing to do to get around this is to use their own words against them. Divide your face in half, top to bottom or side to side and only use black face on half of it! Then stand and watch them choke while trying to come up with a reason to deny the application!!!


Anonymous said...

I like that idea. Particularly the vertical division.
Then you could turn from side to side like Tommy Cooper.
You could dress like a black person on one side and a white person on the other side. Surely that would prove you weren't racist.

Olaf Koenders said...

Only racist on the black side Anon 2:40.. :)

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The trouble with liberals they never gave up whining and just whine all day long