Thursday, August 18, 2016

Must not describe any woman as pear-shaped

Gold’s Gym put their heads together this week when planning a new advertising campaign for their fitness centre.

‘This is no shape for a girl’ their Facebook post read, and by shape — they were talking about a pear.

The marketing mob at Gold’s Dreamland gym, which is based in a hospital in Egypt, were probably pretty chuffed with themselves when the image started to go viral. But the reason for the thousands of shares, comments and retweets wasn’t because of their catchy phrase.

No, people were pissed.

“Well I WAS a member of Golds but looks like I need to find a gym that doesn’t body shame and degrade women for their appearance,” one facebook user posted under the image.

“This is exactly why so many people hate their bodies. Stop spewing crap like this. You can encourage people to be healthy without the use of body shaming,” another added.

“If that’s all your PR came up with I’d fire them all.”

In response to the backlash, the gym issued an apology. But unfortunately, that just made matters worse.

The simple black box with the text ‘Our Apology’ created almost as much outrage as the original post of the pear. “Our apology, this post was not meant to offend anyone,” the Gym wrote next to the image.

As you’d expect, social media users didn’t buy the #sorrynotsorry approach. In fact, the back pedalling apology only added fuel to a pretty raging fire.



Bird of Paradise said...

Next will be a womans hourglass shape Liberals are always wanting to change the world to their narrow point of view

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to bet that the 'people' upset over this are the fatties.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.00am Oh that was a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

When will people learn that trying to apologize to these insufferable snowflakes does not work, unless it is a full on groveling. To paraphrase Mr Lincoln, "you cannot please all of the people all the time".

Anonymous said...

Who in the real world really cares? A bunch of no hopers who refuse to change their dietary and exercise habits in order to live healthy bitch. So what? Does it really matter if a chain of fitness gym over chargers goes bankrupt? Not to me. It called free enterprise. If you insult people don't expect them to be grateful.

Anonymous said...

They are not snowflakes, they are control freaks. They are not even really offended. Be offended is a pretence by many, and a state of brainwashed delusion by many more.

Pretending to be offended is the oldest trick in the book for silencing and oppressing good but weak people who don't want to offend others, and is the commonest excuse used to justify hostilities against them.

They are manipulators who enjoy that being offended gives them power and control over others.

Consider the thug. He catches the eye of someone whom he quickly weighs up as someone he can defeat. He immediately feigns being offended and approaches his target asking him what he is looking at. He may be satisfied with frightening his target and getting an apology from him or he may close in and physically attack his target. Then he goes on his merry way having had his fix of power and control over another. He will often justify his actions by convincing himself and others that his target was somehow the aggressor and deserved what he got.

Really, those leftists who feign being offended over particular words and expressions and anything else they choose to be offended about, and demand others apologise for saying such things and not say them again, are nothing more than thugs. They are thugs through a different medium than through physical violence, they are emotional, verbal and social thugs, but they are still thugs who enjoy subjugating others to their will.