Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Must not suggest that it is mostly women who do the cooking

She became Britain’s most successful female Olympian of all-time after winning her fourth gold in Rio but Laura Trott was still subjected to casual sexism after her fiance, Jason Kenny, won his sixth gold medal.

Kenny, 28, drew level with Sir Chris Hoy on six golds after a sensational ride in the keirin final at the velodrome.

Trott, 24, made history earlier by becoming the first female Briton to win four gold medals at the Olympics and watched on as fiance Kenny equaled Hoy’s record.

However, Chris Boardman, who won a pursuit gold for Great Britain at the 1992 Olympics, sparked outrage in the aftermath of Kenny’s win, saying: ‘She’s [Trott] doing all the emotion for him – he’s [Kenny] looking at her wondering what’s for tea!’

Boardman quickly attempted to clarify his remarks on Twitter after the race by insisting it had nothing to do with Trott’s gender.

However, that didn’t stop hordes of people taking to Twitter to criticise the 47-year-old for his comments.



Bird of Paradise said...

The PC stupidity is everywhere soon they'll send you to a reform school for saying something that offends these whining little snowflakes and makes they cry in the little playpens

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Kenny thought it was just another day at the office. BTW no mention was made of his reaction when she won her gold medal or her reaction to him. So many unanswered questions as usual when gender becomes a public issue because feminists feel aggrieved. Perhaps they should just stop being bitter twisted old relics of a bygone age that are no longer relevant because the govt has taken up their cause with HRC bullshit. Mind you the journo's don't seem to have gotten that message either.