Monday, August 22, 2016

British female Conservative politician says Burkinis Are "Hate Speech In A Piece Of Clothing"

From the August 17 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto

STUART VARNEY (GUEST HOST): How is this for not being politically correct, three more towns in France banning the Burkini. France's Prime Minister supporting these towns, he says the full-body swimsuit for Muslim women goes against French values. Louise, do you think the French are doing the right thing banning the Burkini?

LOUISE MENSCH: Stu, I really do. I think the bikini and the burqa and the full face niqab are grossly offensive garments that say terrible things about women's bodies. They say that a woman's ordinary body is immodest, I think it's basically hate speech in a piece of clothing. Would you allow somebody to go out into the streets and wear a big t-shirt saying "I hate Muslims?" When you wear those clothes, you're saying "I hate women," and it's that attitude that leads to honor killings of women. I'm glad France is doing this.....

MENSCH: I think you should exclude these kind of extremist garments from French culture, they go against French laws of secularism, which, by the way, apply in France to all religions. Furthermore, you don't need to wear this shroud to go swimming, and you can smuggle weapons.



Bird of Paradise said...

Just wait for the liberal snowflakes to accuse her of saying nasty things about islam a phonie religion that still beleives in stoning adulterers and keeping women oppressed

Anonymous said...

When a woman chooses to wear a full-length swimsuit not drastically unlike those worn on western beaches in the Victorian era, apparently she is saying that she hates women?
What about full-length wetsuits? Will France be banning divers next?
The first amendment - remember, that thing this website is supposed to be supporting - guarantees both freedom of expression and freedom of religion. The wearing of the burkini falls under both categories.
(Yes, I know this is about Brits commenting on France).

Anonymous said...

Firstly this is not a First Amendment website but a free speech website not hosted in the US but Australia. Secondly I support the banning of the burka and the niqab. In Australia you cant walk into a bank whilst wearing a motorcycle helmet but you can walk in wearing religious garb that completely covers your face. That's discrimination. One law for all. As to what the Muslim women decide to wear swimming, well it's their choice. Should their attire cause them to get in difficulty then that may become a matter for the coroner to address. Personally I prefer to see the face of the person I am engaging in conversation with but that's just me.