Friday, August 05, 2016

Golliwogs again

Australian politician Ricky Muir has come out in support of a Beechworth Sweet Co’s television advertisement that featured an animated toy golliwog, labelling a decision by the Advertising Standards Board to uphold a complaint against the ad as “political correctness gone mad.”

Muir posted a photo of him with his childhood toy golliwog named “Wally”, stating, “the sheer notion that somehow my childhood toy or mothers hobby is ‘racist’ is simply ridiculous”.

Speaking to SmartCompany, Muir says that the situation was “really political correctness gone mad” and that it was clear the advertisement was not intended to offend or hurt.

“The company had this in place for a very long time, it’s clear they mean no ill intent at all,” Muir says. “It’s very disappointing to see this very extreme measure be made.”

Muir believes that the Beechworth Sweet Co should appeal the decision by the Ad Standards Board, and also encourages the company to seek public support. “I’ve had lots of responses on social media, and many people agree that it’s nothing more than a doll and a fond childhood memory,” Muir says.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

If these whining little twats dont like the ads they dont have to buy the product they just need to stop whining

Anonymous said...

On the one hand I wonder if it is really for me - a white person - to decide what black people should or should not find offensive.
On the other hand, I don't find anything offensive about GI Joe or Ken dolls and they certainly don't represent me...

Anonymous said...

When Oprah was in Melbourne, Aus, she had been reported as buying golliwog dolls in a street arcade shop. How is innocent for her but criminal for whites?

Gooniebird said...

I was looking up old Fireworks and one showed a black kid eating Watermellon

Bird of Paradise said...

The picture looks nice nothing wrong with the picture ecsept in the mind of the whine a day liberals