Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Racial stereotypes get something of a pass for once

A film about a hot dog's relationship with other foods - including a climax involving a food orgy - is causing uproar for alleged racial stereotypes.

Comedian Seth Rogen co-wrote the new animated adult comedy, Sausage Party, a spoof of the many Disney and Pixar films.

But the film has divided opinion over its content, with some praising the over-the-top racism and others on social media unhappy with the Sony flick.

In one example, the movie features some Nazi German sauerkraut dedicated to 'exterminating the juice'.

Actress Salma Hayek also reportedly does the voice for a lesbian Mexican taco while the film features a Native American bottle of Firewater which complains he had settled in a store first before being kicked out to the backroom.

An Arabic loaf of lavash longs for 77 bottles of extra-virgin olive oil awaiting him in the next life, Heat Street reports, adding that the film also includes an Irish potato who sings 'Danny Boy' and has a catchphrase 'Jesus! F**k!' 

While the film has been widely commented on for its racism - many tweets laughing at the jokes, others criticizing it - it has found support from left-wing newspaper The Guardian.

Film reviewer Jordan Hoffman declared that the 'whole thing is so tasty, you may just want seconds'.

'Racial stereotypes await on every aisle, which will undoubtedly be a third rail for some viewers,' he wrote.  'My attitude is that if you want to play in that sandbox, you have to be sure to insult everyone and, more importantly, make sure the jokes work.'

 'The movie is, in its own jokey way, celebrating the differences among nations and peoples while also reminding us that those differences are only skin deep.'



Use the Name, Luke said...

Every time I see a trailer or any other advertising for that movie, it is immediately clear that this movie is deliberately as ugly and nasty as the producers felt they could get away with. I can't imagine why anyone would want to watch such a movie let alone make one. Yet here we are.

Welcome to Hollywood, USA. Trash dump of the world.

Anonymous said...

if you have to offend someone then offend everyone.

Bird of Paradise said...

This will realy get PETA in a binder becuase it dont involve animatronic talking piggies like in those two dumb BABE movies and the other crap GORDY

Anonymous said...

Seth Rogen is definitely not conservative (although he is a more conservative liberal) so of course he gets a pass. The outcry will sell more tickets and rentals than it will deter.


Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Another movie to avoid like the pluague another turkey in the making like Waterworld and Ishtar