Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Australia: Leftist hate speech reprimanded

Labor leader Bill Shorten has been confronted by a preacher imploring him not to describe opponents of same-sex marriages as homophobic.

Mr Shorten was addressing reporters after leaving a parliamentary church service in Canberra on Tuesday when the man asked for a word.

He picked up on a comment the opposition leader made after the Orlando nightclub shooting that the plebiscite campaign would "give haters the chance to come out from under the rock".

"Please don't speak like that about other Australians so we can have a civil and tolerant discussion rather than the hate that's been coming," the man said. "That was disappointing, and I like you and I like the Labor party."

Mr Shorten replied he understood people of faith could be opposed to same-sex marriage. "But some people who object to marriage equality do have homophobic attitudes," he said.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The trouble with liberal eletists is they think Free Speech is only for them alone becuase their so darn ignorant

Anonymous said...

His comments at the end are classic leftist, "But some people who object to marriage equality are do have homophobic attitudes". He had to justify himself, he couldn't admit he was wrong.

Use the Name, Luke said...


Yep. And of course he applies full leftist "logic": "Some are homophobic, therefore I'm justified in slandering everyone who disagrees with me."

Has anyone ever done a study to find out if there are actually any homophobic people? If there are actually any, it's probably a percentage equivalent to actual transexuals.

Malcolm Kirkpatrick said...

"(S)ome people who object to marriage equality do have homophobic attitudes".
Sounds as reasonable to me as "some people under 180 cm. tall are child molesters".

Olaf Koenders said...

I don't see the problem. His response would be statistically correct, but there's really no way to gauge an accurate percentage unless it were a question on the Census form.

Anonymous said...

I think the priest has a point.
Surely it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuals already have marriage equality, they have the same rights as everyone else.
Homosexuals want special privileges for their repugnant perverse sexual activities.

Anonymous said...

The stupid thing is that there is no need for a pro or con debate. Everyone has already made their mind up. Just call the plebiscite and be done. There is no need to waste public money laying out arguments for or against. The only argument against a plebiscite is the there may be hate speech. So far the only hate speech has come from pro gay marriage supporters who believe that the average member of society can't be trusted to give a pre-determined vote. So much for democracy. Unfortunately in Australia we do not have a means of removing a politician who decides to vote against popular opinion before the next election. My issue is will the plebiscite vote be determined by referendum standards wit a majority of voters in a majority of states or will it be a simple majority of total voters. Personally it should be a votes in each electorate and that vote will determine the vote of the elected member as a true democratic vote, not the opinion of the elected member.

Olaf Koenders said...

The Left are afraid of losing the vote, citing "a licence for hate speech" as an excuse to block it.

Anonymous said...

Bill Shorten is one of the lower forms of life in our parliamentary system. His union association taints his credibility. No thinking person in Australia would endorse his socialist ideas. The people voted to return to government a conservative party whose open promise was a plebiscite. Any attempt to deprive the citizens of Australia of a plebiscite would hold all detractors in contempt of the public and would be added to the list of grievances at the next election. As to the BS about pro/con advertising, why should there be any advertising? Just vote now. Everyone made up the mind long ago, Just let the people vote now with no public or non-public paid advertising. Too easy. Just get it over and done with.