Sunday, August 14, 2016

A police force has to delete an 'offensive and insensitive' tweet about an invasion by two men pictured in Nazi uniform

Must not joke about anything Nazi.  The picture is of two re-enactors, not actual Nazis

The police officers who tweeted pictures of men dressed in Nazi uniforms in 'an act of stupidity and ignorance' may now face disciplinary action.

Officers used Greater Manchester Police's traffic account to post pictures of the men wearing SS uniforms standing next to a German military K├╝belwagen on the M62. Next to the images, they wrote: 'These two likely lads trying to invade.'

They have since deleted the tweet after it sparked a backlash online.

The force wrote on Twitter: 'It has been removed and we will speak to those involved. It was unacceptable.'



Use the Name, Luke said...

Wow. The police who posted that picture were obviously having fun with what was clearly a friendly encounter with those reenactors. Somebody seriously needs to stop being so serious. Sheesh!

The next time you wonder whatever happened to "Officer Friendly," you can point to the people who complain about good humored policing in cases like this.

Bird of Paradise said...

But posting pictures of burning a U.S. Flag are perfectly okay by the narrow minded standards of dumber then a sack of stones liberals