Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why shouldn't we sing "Rule Britannia"? says British old ladies' club

Aside from the odd racy calendar, the Women’s Institute has an abiding image of polite ladies united in a common cause, happy to make jam and sing Jerusalem.

But an almighty row has broken out between the normally civil members... over a ‘jingoistic’ performance of Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory.

In honour of the Queen’s birthday, WI organisers decided to model the close of this year’s annual meeting in Brighton on the Last Night of the Proms.

Around 4,500 women, some wearing full Union Jack outfits, stood and waved flags during the hearty renditions on Saturday.

But many thought the tunes were ‘outdated’ and ‘inappropriate’ and refused to stand. Others accused the organisation of ‘racism’ and of turning the meeting into something akin to ‘a UKIP rally’.

The vitriol became so intense that at least one member has quit the 220,000-member organisation – with more threatening to follow.

There have been growing conflicts in the organisation over its changing nature in recent years, when its membership has become younger and more diverse.

The row erupted after Cambridge-educated doctor, Jag Picknett, took to social media after refusing to stand during the songs.

Afterwards she said: ‘I’m a confident, educated, second-generation immigrant to this country and the finale was like being at a UKIP rally.

‘I sat down all the way through it – I should have walked out. I haven’t felt this uncomfortable since the 1980s. If you want diversity and inclusivity the National Federation of Women’s Institutes needs to take a long hard look at itself.’

But members rounded on the GP from Bingley, West Yorkshire, telling her it was a ‘British institution’ and she should leave if she felt out of place. Hilary Forbes said on social media: ‘It’s just a bit of British tradition and fun.



Bird of Paradise said...

Rue Britania is better then some multi culteral poppycock like KAMBAYA

Anonymous said...

Apparently Bird of Paradise thinks we are talking about a street named Britania.

However, BOP ignores the history (as he often does) of the song Kumbaya (not KAMBAYA.) which was written in the 1920's. It's origins were that of a prayer but it's meaning was along the lines of Galatians 3:28.

Only recently, after generations of people recognizing that we are the same under the skin that people like BOP have attacked the song for something it is not.

Such is the ignorance of those people.

BOP's comments often show the hypocrisy in his own (lack of) thought process. While he attacks others for wanting people to not say something, he'll come back and slam people for doing something like singing a song.

BOP is not a supporter or believer of free speech and the rights of people.

Anonymous said...

Same under the skin. Rrrright. Not when chopping off a head, pulling the trigger, slipping on the suicide vest, planting the IED, throwing a gay off a tall building, etc., etc., etc. Songs, candles, laws and PC blather don't stop terror. People brave enough to face the truth and do what needs to be done do.

Anonymous said...

Kumbaya and Lennon's travesty "Imagine" are both great flights of fancy but have little traction in today's reality. We are not the same under the skin and real evil is loose in the world today. Not preparing to deal with evil is a life choice and as we saw in Orlando not a healthy one.


Anonymous said...

Many national anthems and patriotic songs are jingoist, bloody or racist - hear the words of the French national anthem for example, and even the US one relates to a war in progress. If necessary just ignore the text and enjoy the stirring music.

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 2:20 Please go swimming with some sharks dim-bulb

Anonymous said...

We are not the same under our skins. Of course there is one human race, but the sub-races of the human race are very different to each other, just like breeds of dogs are very different to each other. Just because there are overlaps between the qualities of the races does not mean there is not a bulk or average difference between them. There very clearly is, and has to be, for we have been separate breeds for so long.

Anonymous said...

I am Australian and old enough to remember when we would sing Rule Britannia in the school play ground. Admittedly we sang the playground version about marmalade, jam and chinese crackers. I think all those playground songs and rhymes are well and truly gone nowadays. I worked in a primary school for 18 months and never heard a playground rhyme. In the 1960s my parents would watch the BBC Proms on our old black and white television set and I remember being mesmerised by Land of Hope & Glory. Nowadays that beautiful song stirs me even more. Perhaps because I understand what Britain has brought to the world, and perhaps even promises more, provided she survives the current leftist onslaught.

Anonymous said...

What is it that has made this woman:
1) embarrassed to associate with people who are proud to be British, and
2) think it is the WI and not herself who is out of step with reality?
Why is she so ashamed of her own country?
Can only extremists be proud of their country now?

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Anon 7:11 Its just plain that these songs offend the delicate little ears of little snowflakes sitting in their playpens telling their teddy bear that don't want to hear the whining anymore