Sunday, June 26, 2016

Must not tell an 11-year-old girl 'you scrub up well'

A lollipop man [pedestrian crossing supervisor] made what he considered to be a 'complimentary' remark to a young girl as she crossed the road - but it led to him being suspended by the local council.

Hundreds of outraged parents have now launched a campaign to reinstate popular Colin Thompson, 71.

Mr Thompson made the remark to the youngster and her mother at his crossing in Bridlington, Yorkshire - but another parent walking behind the pair overheard him and lodged a complaint about his 'inappropriate' comment, leading to him being suspension.

Grandfather Colin, who has been the lollipop man at Burlington Junior and Burlington Infant schools for four years, now faces a council investigation.

More than 300 people are backing the 'Bring Back Colin the Lollipop Man' petition which was launched by mother-of-three Mary Green.

Ms Green, 47, said: 'The woman and her child didn't complain, it was someone else. If they had done, fair enough. It's just getting ridiculous.

'Freedom of speech and everything has been taken away from you - you can't compliment anyone now.'



Anonymous said...

Some people are just spiteful and like to make trouble for others. The victims should sue for distress and damage caused by wilfull malice.

Anonymous said...

Complementing or kidding, the PC Police have no sense of propriety or humor.

Bird of Paradise said...

Pathetic little snowflakes oh so sensitive and fragile always must be sheltred away from the outside world least their little feelings be hurt So Pathetic