Sunday, June 26, 2016

Australian anti-immigration politician backs a controversial joke

As I mentioned on 24th, there has been a long-running controversy in Australia about an obvious joke told by a football commentator which hysterics have said encourages violence against women.  A female politician has now put it into a good perspective

Under-fire Collingwood boss Eddie McGuire has found the support of one prominent woman for his joke about drowning AFL journalist Caroline Wilson.

Pauline Hanson says it was obvious McGuire was joking, and she's had similar thoughts herself. "Some of these journalists, I'd drown half of them," she told the Seven Network on Monday.

Hanson, who is standing again for the Senate, said she had been subjected to many similar comments over the years and people needed to toughen up. She said the McGuire incident had been blown completely out of proportion.

McGuire, North Melbourne chairman James Brayshaw and All Australian selector Danny Frawley are at the centre of a controversy after suggesting Wilson should be the only participant in next year's charity ice slide at the AFL's Freeze MND charity match.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Oh dry up pathetic whining liberals your still in your playpens

Anonymous said...

It's a sad day when this BS has been occupying the news for the last 10 days. There are more important things going on in Australia but the recent family violence campaign seems to have overridden them even in a national election final week. Time to move on to more important things and lave the hysterics behind.

Anonymous said...

An innate falsity is not one that only contradicts an adjacent truth, or covers an underlying or hidden truth behind, like all falsities do, but is a statement that also has its contradiction with truth innately within itself. As an analogy, it is not like a painting of something false covering truth, but is like a painting of an impossible object. It is innately false, without even having to look at the truth behind it or beside it with which it contradicts.

It bugs me that people fail to recognise innately false statements. Such statements get said by leftists as if they are true, then seemingly smart people get fooled and believe them, then go live by that falsity and repeat the falsity to others. One example is the common leftist precept taught to clinical psychologists - There is no truth, only different people's perceptions. Psychs and psych educators repeat that innately false precept with assertion and an air of knowing wisdom, and their students and clients adopt it and pass it on. And yet, nearly all of them fail to realise that when they say "There is no truth" that they are expecting the listener to accept what they say as true. It is the first innate falsity. A basis of leftist lies. Another innate falsity is, There is no right or wrong, only different people's judgement values. But when they say, There is no right or wrong, if you say there is, they will argue that you are wrong, and so they argue against themselves because they hold an innate falsity. Likewise, they say, There is no good or bad, or everyone is good, but when you suggest that not everyone is good, they will accuse you of being bad. We see leftists using innate falsities in their arguments all the time, often as the basis of their argument, and often with no realisation that they are using innate falsities. In feminist-leftist dominated workplaces, posters are stuck up in every male toilet cubicle and washroom mirror, in the kitchen, staffroom and office walls, in email memos from HR and from the "People and Culture Team", reminding staff that men must learn to respect women and not bully, harass or offend them. So the bullying and intimidation comes from the women towards the men, and the men just try to say everything right to not offend the women and to keep their jobs. If a man says a banned word or expresses a non-pc opinion or raises his voice in opposition, then he must present to senior management and is "counselled" on appropriate behaviour or given a written warning or sacked. And yet all around him are posters telling him that he is a potential bully and has more power than women. In reality he has little power, his employment is precarious, for the women around him can have him dismissed as sure as he utters a non-pc "offensive" statement or behaviour, yet he is bombarded daily with assertions that he is the powerful bully. He works within an innate falsity, an impossible picture.

Many feminists claimed Edie McGuire wields a lot of power in the media which they say makes his joke about Caroline Wilson to be bullying. But Eddie is the one who must apologise, and possibly had to to keep his job. He is the one who must watch his words. Women needn't, not to anywhere near the same extent.

I think people would benefit to become more aware of innate falsities in leftist statements, in their arguments, and in leftist dominated environments. When a leftist statement, claim or precept seems doubtful, we can look at what happens when we contravene it, and compare that consequence to the claim. Sometimes that will reveal the innate falsity, like a drawing of an impossible object, you need to follow it around its cycle to see that it doesn't rationally complete itself and cannot actually exist.

Anonymous said...

The real travesty is that progressive women can talk about "gutting" and "castrating" men in a very visceral way and get a pass. The difference is that these men had no real hate for the journalist but progressive women have areal hate for men they believe are "oppressing" them.


Anonymous said...

I sat in a lecture auditorium full of counsellors, psychs and assorted social workers attending a presentation and discussion on domestic violence, and someone made a comment that "such men should have their balls put in a vice and crushed", then the theatre erupted into applause and cheering. I have seen this sort of thing many times amongst the "caring" people. They don't really care at all. Their "caring" is just a front for power, control and domination. It is hatred really.