Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nigel Farage dismisses fury over his pro-Brexit immigration poster

Nigel Farage today insisted there would not have been such a 'row' over Ukip's controversial pro-Brexit immigration poster if Jo Cox had not been brutally killed.

The Ukip leader complained he was the 'victim' of hatred and insisted the party would be putting out more material focusing on the key issue of control over our borders.

The defence came as politicians from all sides in the EU referendum battle lined up to slam the 'racist' poster.

Mr Farage unveiled the image - which featured the headline 'Breaking Point' over a photograph of refugees walking into Europe through Slovenia - on Thursday just hours before Labour MP Jo Cox was shot dead and the referendum battle was suspended.

Mr Farage today rejected the charge of stoking up hatred, telling ITV interviewer Robert Peston: 'I think I have been a politician who has been a victim of it, to be honest with you.

'When you challenge the establishment in this country, they come after you, they call you all sorts of things. We saw the Chancellor a few minutes ago - despite the fact that overnight he talked about turning down the rhetoric - doing the same thing again.'

Mr Farage said: 'That poster reflects the truth of what's going on. We have a new poster coming out tomorrow morning and we'll unveil a new poster for every day.'



Anonymous said...

Europe is being invaded by Muslims who will probably not become assimilated.

Anonymous said...

Sadly the truth hurts and those in power can't deal with it. There wouldn't be a Brexit issue if the powers that be had not ceded powers to the EU that prevent them from refusing access to the UK if you are not a genuine tourist or have been invited to take up a job. The fact that so many from other EU countries can basically emigrate to the UK without any means of support other than govt largess at the taxpayer expense has to be frustrating UK taxpayers to the point of saying enough. Personally if the UK leaves the EU then the EU is stuffed and Angela Merkal knows it. Perhaps the EU should put their resources to preparing themselves from Russian aggression.

Anonymous said...

From its beginning the EU has been a leftist scheme of European destruction.
The sooner Britain gets out of it the better.

Bird of Paradise said...

Many europeans want guns for self defense but as usial the Euroweenie Union wont allow it