Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Must not joke about mothers in law anymore

A bar has caused outrage after writing a misogynistic joke that mocked family violence on a blackboard at the front of the building.

Staff of The Elbow Room Sports Bar in Mahora, on New Zealand's North Island, have been forced to apologise after the pub's footpath blackboard stated: 'I saw six men kicking and punching my mother-in-law. My neighbour said, 'Are you going to help?' I said, 'No, six should be enough'.

Duty manager Roger Wright, who wrote the message, said it was the first complaint he had received in two years after writing a new joke each week on the blackboard, according to The New Zealand Herald.

Complaints to local media reportedly said jokes written on the sign were 'degrading and senseless' and often made women scared to walk past the pub which is mainly occupied by male patrons.

Bar owner Mike Newrick was quick to condemn the joke and has now reportedly banned the blackboard from displaying jokes.



Anonymous said...

It is time to separate domestic violence from humour. To suggest that jokes are related to domestic humour is ridiculous. The telling of jokes actually relieves stress that may have resulted in violence. It is time to review the academics who have no sense of humour and their theoretical observations. It seems that in this day and age that academics are not held accountable for their views and go unchallenged when the politicians support them and enact stupid laws. Have we totally forgotten that most academics have no real world experience in anything?

Bird of Paradise said...

Hermins Hermits put out a song MOTHER IN LAW

stinky said...

That's an old blues tune by Ernie K Doe, covered by lots of groups besides Herman's Hermits, e.g. Huey Lewis and the News.

Dean said...

"has now reportedly banned the blackboard from displaying jokes."

Yup, that'll do it. Tell the cfhalk board to knock it off. :)

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Theres noting funny about domestic violence these thugs belong in prison and many so called comedians are sick in the head

Anonymous said...

Everything, absolutely everything is subject to humor. To declare anything off limits to humor is to allow tension to develop on that subject. Humor relieves the stress on a subject allowing you to think more clearly about it and that is in fact one reason why the leftists are always so stressed out on subjects they can't think right.

King Condor said...

No more pollack jokes no more dumb blond jokes becuase of this sensitivity nonsense

Anonymous said...

Hey King,

What about ignorant, uneducated conservative jokes?

King Condor said...

Anon 4:37 Blow it out your hooka dim bulb

Anonymous said...

Humour is a right angle shift into the unexpected, and one that tickles the fancy. Of course what tickles the fancy is a personal matter.

Humour's right angle shift cracks the surface of unhealthy moods and frames of minds, and then we can readjust our mindset and disperse the unhealthy mood.

Meddling leftists in many workplaces are banning industry specific humour in stressful jobs like police work, paramedics, psychiatric nursing, military combat,... and the stress and suicide rate in these jobs is rising accordingly. Without being able to make light of their workplace stressors, people have no release; they must bottle things up, and are even made to feel like a "bad person" if they express any humour at the job.

The workplace leftists say we should "talk about the stressors"/"debrief" with the workplace leftist counsellor. But that doesn't help. Having a good laugh is what helps - making light of it.

I was an agency psychiatric nurse for some years. I have cut ligatures from around necks, lifted a body from a bath full of blood, had a falling person from many stories high land right where I sat to have my lunch, wrestled countless drug induced psychotics, and had numerous experiences to unpleasant to describe in polite company, and I used humour as one of my most valued tools to deal the stressors and unpleasantries of the job.

One day I clownishly made out to be suffocating with a plastic bag over my head while a mate laughed and took a photo. Several days later I was told by a senior friend that the photo had fallen into the hands of the Charge Nurse and Director of Nursing, and that I would be called to the DoN's office for a meeting with seniors and sacked that afternoon. My friend knew where the photo was being held until the meeting, and told me, so I went and got it. Sure enough I was called up and told I had committed a dismissible offence. I asked what evidence they had that I had done such a thing and they couldn't answer because I was sitting on the evidence in my back pocket. So I politely excused myself from the meeting and went back to work. That memory still gives me a good laugh.