Thursday, June 09, 2016

Must not diss a champion black boxer

Piers Morgan SLAMMED as racist after insensitive Muhammad Ali comments

This weekend the Good Morning Britain presenter caused a HUGE backlash on Twitter after he made a controversial tweet - calling Muhammad Ali far more racist than Donald Trump.

This comes after Muhammad Ali - the late boxer - died on Friday from a 30-year battle of Parkinson’s disease.

Celebrity couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were quick to argue and accuse Piers of being racist after his statement.

It all started when Piers tweeted: "Muhammad Ali said far more inflammatory/racist things about white people than Donald Trump ever has about Muslims. #fact"

And clearly - not seeing that his tweet could be seen as offensive - the GMB presenter defended his tweet by explaining that it’s a fact.

He said: "Nothing egregious about it, just a fact."

However on Good Morning Britain today Piers tried to justify his comment by saying: “His [Ali's] preferred world is segregated. Black people living with black people, white people living with white people.


Ali was a segregationist. He liked George Wallace, the segregationist Alabama governor who ran for president.  Ali  wanted blacks and whites to live separately: Apartheid


Bird of Paradise said...

Piers Morgan slammed it could'nt happen to a more lower little reptile then Piers Morgan

Anonymous said...

Mr. Clay who changed his name to Ali was a racist jerk convinced of his own and by extension the black races superiority over all others. He was a great showman but a joke as a philosopher and a hugely flawed human being. But like MLK he is a touchstone for the progressives so criticism of any kind is forbidden and vehemently attacked.


Spurwing Plover the Fight Shorebird said...

Floats like butterfly sting like bee SPLAT THEM

Anonymous said...

If calling someone a racist makes the caller a racist - there's a lot of people out there who will be surprised at how racist they are!

Anonymous said...

I am a long term boxing, fencing and (real) wrestling enthusiast, and I admire Ali for his competitive ability. He was certainly a good all-round tactical competitor, on physical and psychological levels. His popularity though, with the press and the non-boxing / non-martial art general public is interesting. Much of the press have been fawning over him, referring to him as the "greatest" in all sorts of capacities in which he certainly was not the greatest.

There is no doubt he was a good boxer, and he was funny. His poems and witticisms were humorous and attention grabbing. He was also an individual, who operated outside of normal or common expectations.

Feminists, despite trying to display a discerning outlook towards men, and often even exhibiting hatred of men, go gaga with infatuation over men who are tough, individual and funny. They cannot help themselves. The combination is like a mind altering drug to them. Not only do they become infatuated, they also attribute all sorts of fanciful virtues to such a man that he does not possess, does not even have the slightest hint of. I have observed this phenomenon over and over again, even amongst those would-be smartest and most committed of feminist/leftists -- female psychologists.

Many male prisoners (ie criminals) are individuals, what some might term alpha males. They do their own thing with little regard for what others think of them. Many are also witty and funny. They can be humorous, charming and entertaining. Chopper Read is one Australian example that the public may be familiar with. But there are many like him in prisons -- bad men that are witty and funny.

Regardless of how bad they are, the horrid crimes they are capable of, they will have feminists talking admirably about them, citing the fanciful virtues that they supposedly possess, and they will often have fan mail in their cells from countless female admirers, will have women queuing to visit them on visiting days, will have female psychs offering to counsel them, writing lenient reports for them, after release will have female parole officers getting teary and making excuses for them when they breach parole conditions.

I am generalising. I have observed a pattern that toughness/badness/individuality plus humour charms women, including feminists, regardless of how bad the man is. Even a conservative can laugh a feminist into bed.

Individuality plus humour also charms men, though not to the same degree, and in my observation mostly weak men. Some males will show admiration for funny tough crims and distain for those who lack either toughness, individuality, or who are not entertaining. I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard men say such things as, "He's ok" / "He's not too bad" / "He's a good bloke", about a man who is thoroughly rotten, and for no other reason than he is tough and funny.

It is quite illogical to think that someone who is funny is good. It is just as foolish to think that an alpha male is a good male. He may be good or bad or anywhere in between.

I am not suggesting Ali was a funny psychopath, or any sort of psychopath. But I suspect his popularity is in some way related or overlapped with the phenomena of leftists/feminists/emotional types being easily charmed by men who are bad/individual and funny/entertaining. The two phenomena certainly share characteristics.

jonjayray said...

Yes. Women like assertiveness. They see it as strength.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to women, "charming" psychopaths are sexually selected, and so they stay in the genepool; and as they are often of the charismatic alpha-male type, they sometimes become leaders, even on national levels (known as the psychopathy of leadership).

King Condor said...

He was knik named THE MOUTH for a reason could'nt ever keep his piehole closed