Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Disney under fire for making Polynesian god FAT in new children's film because it 'stereotypes' Pacific Islanders

But adult Polynesians ARE conspicuously fat

Disney have come under fire for making a Polynesian god appear 'stereotypically' obese in an upcoming children's film.

Pacific Islanders have expressed their disappointment in the portrayal of the heroic Polynesian demi-god Maui in the animated Disney film Moana which is set to be released in December.

A Samoan rugby union player said the burly figure looks 'half pig, half hippo', while New Zealand Labour MP Jenny Salesa slammed Disney for perpetuating 'unacceptable' stereotypes about people from the Pacific Islands being overweight.



Anonymous said...

The truth must not be presented.

Bird of Paradise said...

Like portraing hunters as trigger happy and ruthless Disney is guilty of this steriotype

Anonymous said...

Polynesians tend to look certain ways. Fat, dark skin, dark hair , certain shape to the nose, lips etc. My guess is that the people who complained want Disney to take only the traits that are positive or neutral and make the polynesian god appear that way. If polynesians have uglier eyebrows on average than other races and not all polynesians have the ugly eyebrows they would want them to give the polynesian god non ugly eyebrows. But then what happens when ugly people start complaining that they arent being represented in the cartoons?

Anonymous said...

So they are incensed about the portrayal of a mythical entity. It is hard to take their line of thinking too seriously. In cultures where your existence was closely tied to nature such as the Polynesians and Intuits, obesity was an advantage against hard times and was prized so natural selection took its course and present day examples are a result.


Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Always portray liberals as whining little wanks becuase they are

Anonymous said...

4000 years ago the pacific islands were settle by skinny chinese seafarers. 4000 years of raiding each other's islands for human meat and headhunting with blunt clubs to win brides produced the heavy boned muscular Islanders of today. They are prone to cardiovascular disease and putting on weight though, because their native diet contrasted so much with today's sugary diet - their bodies make the most of it and store up fat. They are still very strong under their present day blubber and know how to throw their weight around. Historically they were naturally lean but heavy set and muscular and as the demi-god is a historical figure I would have portrayed him as such. I can understand their disappointment.