Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Must not stress individual responsibility

Doctors do sometimes get frustrated by the avoidable injuries they have to deal with

A hospital has apologised to the grieving family of a dead motorcyclist after a junior doctor criticised him on Facebook for not wearing a helmet.

The grieving family and friends of Darren Neate, 32, a married father of two, claim the insensitive post has left them even more traumatised after his fatal accident in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, on June 8.

After his death, Doncaster Royal Infirmary doctor Ellie Pierce, who had treated Mr Neate, posted on Facebook, questioning whether he thought a safety helmet was a 'fashion choice'.

In a post later seen by the family, Dr Pierce described Mr Neate's injuries as 'gory'.

'The thing going on in my mind at this moment? Not was there something that I could have done, because there wasn't,' she wrote in the Facebook post.

'But why the bl**dy hell wasn't he wearing a crash helmet? It's not a fashion statement, it's because they save lives! This person learned the hard way.'

She ended the post, which didn't mention Darren by name, urging motorcyclists to wear a crash helmet. The post was later deleted.



Anonymous said...

Her comments were correct, but not appropriate under the circumstances.

Bird of Paradise said...

Neglegent doctors have killed more people then guns

Anonymous said...

BoP: non-sequitar

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 2:51 all mouth no mind dip-wad

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Liberals too much WAAH,WAAH,WAAH not enough backbone

Anonymous said...

If her comments make people think about their survival choices when riding a motorcycle the I support her. Yes it may be in bad taste to the family but if it save even one life that the hospital has nothing to apologise for nor does the doctor. Perhaps if they had done a better job educating their son he would still be alive.

Anonymous said...

It raises many questions.
Should motorbike helmets be compulsory or optional?
If it is compulsory to wear a motorbike helmet, and if a person chooses not to wear it, and then has an accident and is brain damaged, should that person receive the same degree of lifelong government funded personal support as a person who was wearing a helmet when brain damaged? Or should they not be assisted, and be left to die perhaps after years of dysfunctional living? Or should wearers and non-wearers of helmets when injured receive the same amount of support? Or should there be a sufficient gov funded support for non-wearers of helmets and further support for wearers. Should education/information on brain injuries be mandatory as part of motorbike licence acquirement, so that non-wearers cannot claim ignorance and can then be held accountable for themselves? And if so can we as a collective conscientiously leave such non-wearers of helmets to live or die without required support? Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

And if motorbike helmets are compulsory, then what of those riders who come off and slide feet first under a car and have their heads ripped off because their full faced helmet does not fit under the car? Is the State responsible for their death?

Anonymous said...

And if a motorcyclist comes off and slides feet first then he will have time to regret his decision to ride a motorcycle as he slides under a vehicle, not his decision to wear a motorcycle helmet. Where is the evidence that accidents between motorcycles and vehicles where wearing a helmet vs not wearing a helmet reduces survivability? If a motorcyclist has slid under a vehicle it is because he drooped his motorcycle into a slide before he hit the vehicle. Suicide, it may not be intentional but that will be the result.