Friday, June 03, 2016

TV show  in hot water over ‘Indian’ skit

This absurd "cultural appropriation" stuff again. The whole world appropriates our culture

THE Today Show faced a viewer backlash this morning after weather presenter Steve Jacobs presented a segment as an “Indian” in Native American costume.

Viewers took to the Today Show’s Facebook page to express their disappointment and anger at the skit, which some dubbed a “racist caricature”.

“Just cause we live in Australia doesn’t give us an excuse to be ignorant to the fact that native Americans have been subject to incredible violence, especially when indigenous Australians have been subject to similar genocidal treatment. Dressing up as them and then making a mockery of their culture is disgusting,” wrote one viewer.

Others expressed anger that Jacobs also briefly adopted an Indian accent before announcing, “Wrong Indian.”

Jacobs isn’t the first person in the public eye to face a heated backlash after co-opting Native American dress and culture. In 2012 American band No Doubt were forced to pull the high-budget video for their single Looking Hot mere hours after it debuted because of its ‘Cowboys and Indians’ theme, including singer Gwen Stefani dressed in Native American attire throughout.



Bird of Paradise said...

The Today Show nothing but leftists propeganda 120 Minutes of liberal leftists propeganda and its about time they were taken to the cleaners

Anonymous said...

Time for all this crap to end. I am sick of people who are offended on behalf of people who are not offended. Time to end third party offending once and for all. All tv media in Australia is leftist orientated especially the national broadcaster. Much of the low volume print media is leftist especially the AGE. People are becoming less willing to pay for bird cage papers. Online media like The Guardian should be declared a virus but they obviously attract nutcases like bees to honey.

Anonymous said...

OK. I can get along with cultural appropriation as long as it works for whites as well. No jeans. No movies. No antibiotics. No planes, trains or automobiles... etc. etc. etc. Deal?

Anonymous said...

The native americans had a culture of theft, slavery, rape, and murder to everyone outside their tribe so it is good that they are not appropriating that. The myth that they are "noble" and lived in harmony with nature is just that a myth. They burned grasslands and forests to stampede more buffalo than they could use over cliffs and the reason they were nomads was because they trashed the area they were in and had to move to less spoiled areas. They killed or made slaves of those that came before them and the white americans were far kinder to them than they were to their predecessors.


Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Just like some school where they dont allow the National Antheme or pledge of Alligence becuase they say someone might be offended well if their offended its to darn bad they can always go back to where they came from

dumb bird said...

Those who are against cultural appropriation are leftist racist elitists.

They are happy for people of non-western cultures to appropriate/adopt/jest/mimic our culture, because they believe that is an improvement for them.

But western elitists don't want westerners to appropriate non-western cultures because the elitists believe that is an insulting putdown.

It is proof that leftists are racist elitists pretending to care for others.

King Condor said...

Remember these leftists are the ones Joe McCarthy warned us about their in our goverment,universities and collages and well as the schools and their in hollywood as well